Does Cannabis Help Or Harm Your Workout?

As cannabis has become more widely accepted and used, there are still many common questions and concerns people have in regards to how it can affect your …


  1. Used to do amateur boxing , smoked weed started shadow boxing then popped out 5 km in 27 minutes ! Haven’t run in months it helps but deffs messes me up next day as it takes at least half a day to get my energy back

  2. I take half a chew before I lift and even though it relaxes me, the pump I get from my muscles being so in tune is ridiculous. Only sativa though. I’ve been using it for a week and tbh not only does it help in the gym but it’s also invigorated my appetite. I used to take preworkout, but the caffeine stopped my appetite right after the gym. I was sick trying to get in all my calories. The edible helps with that. I’ve only taken the edibles.

  3. Working out high for me feels good but I can’t ever do abs or legs it just hurts 3x more and It feels like I can’t even balance properly doing squats.

  4. I smoke weed all day everyday I also workout all day everyday I find it helpful even with my calorie count I keep everything on a piece of paper and calculate and keep track once I make it too my cal goal I stop eating I feel like when you train yourself too do this you stop being hungry as much atleast for me I really do find weed helpful as for alcohol I stopped drinking when I started working out I felt too lazy actually so yea weed works amazing for my work outs and even helps me with my cal count

  5. Honestly I got my runners high when I smoked weed prior to running. Next day at the gym weight lifting I was more controlled and able to hack my mind. But I find myself smoking before each event now and I do it everyday. Mind steroids? I guess lol. Never took thc pills before is it good? Better than joint? I don’t want to be smoking it all the time

  6. Using cannabis for working out is phenomenal.
    1. Cannabis can be used as motivation.
    2. You're more focused, or in the zone.
    3. It helps with recovery time.

    4. And of course cannabis supports your endocannabinoid system.
    That regulates pain, inflammation, appetite, sleep, to name a few.

    I am 44 and I do 30 lb. Rucker training Canna-Fitness style.
    Canna-fitness is about having fun at what ever physical activity you are doing.
    Example shooting basketball I get my pushups in or squats, ect. every time I air ball. Then take off on a 3 to 4 mile 30 pound Rucker hike/jog up hill. Trust and believe cannabis is my go to for healing my mind and body.

  7. I like working out and I like weed , so putting the two together makes sense to me, but then again it up to the individual ., lol Tons of people are pumping unregulated steroids into there bodies and they are discussing the effects of pot, really?

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