Does Marijuana cause Psychosis and Make People Violent? Joe Rogan "Pot" Debate Analysis

Does marijuana have medicinal benefits? Does marijuana cause psychosis and schizophrenia? Does it cause brain damage? Does marijuana make you angry …


  1. Firstly thank you!
    I have been watching your reviews pretty decent for the most part. And I like how you try to remain unbiased. Your Chaga review is exactly my point of view and I have read all studies published that you refer too… alot was written in russian and a bit hard to decipher with google translate lol.
    I just thought I would add another perspective and touch lightly on a comment you made about marijuana use causing psychosis and later developing into schizophrenia… IMO there are too many POSSIBLE contributing factors to "pot use leading to schizophrenia "
    1- was that individual going to naturally develop the disorder during their life?
    2 we know that the age would also potentially be a factor… as I have read multiple articles on the disorder and seemingly perfectly "normal" individuals who later in life develop the disorder naturally. (typically mid-late 20s) Which to put into perspective is an age group who would be most likely to be using or experimenting with marijuana… and 3 these anti-pot articles on that podcast I wonder how many of the studies addressed whether or not these individuals using marijuana who developed the disorder were also using other stronger more addictive drugs as you have mentioned in this video. Is there not too much grey area for anyone to attribute marijuana to onset schizophrenia?… Although let me leave with this question…. IF marijuana can cause temporary psychosis (a symptom of schizophrenia) and IF an individual is a chronic user of marijuana (everyday all day for 10 years or more) basically always under the influence… and possibly experiencing psychosis…. does that classify them as schizophrenic?

  2. How about the dangers of prescription antidepressants? I have been off of them for 2 years, still not the same, they messed me up while I was on them, but of course either I was wrong or the doctor just had to find the right combination. This on top of the fact I never needed a drug just a lifestyle intervention, but doctors pass them out like candy on Halloween.


  4. you are just dumb, there is no way to explain it just stupid. you know hypothesis takes actual observation. have you hung out with a stoner obviously not otherwise you wouldn’t be making this video. alcohol makes people violent just stupid

  5. Berenson attempts to back up these stories with a few studies on marijuana and violence. It’s true that some individual studies have found a link, although many conflicting studies have not. This is why it’s better, when evaluating data, to rely on large, rigorous reviews of the evidence.

    Such a review exists: In 2013, one was conducted by the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, commissioned by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. It concluded that “marijuana use does not induce violent crime, and the links between marijuana use and property crime are thin.”

  6. I would be curious to see what goes on in my brain….I had an early introduction to Mj 12 years old, I had a former meth addiction 16-20 years old. I have had a recent car accident where I broke my neck and was diagnosed with a tbi sequela… I smoke a lot for pain. I also have anger issues, zero patience, and my wife and kids say I am unbearable to be around now. Sounds like if I don’t quit now I will most definitely end up schizophrenic. I am currently depressed and have anxiety and have tried countless serious mood medications.

  7. I drink alcohol, that doesn't make me a wife beater or someone who commits vehicular manslaughter. I play video games, even violent ones, and never have murdered or attacked anyone before. I could go on, but point is made. That guys argument was appalling to say the least. Has he never thought to himself that the violent crimes reported are by people who also smoke rather than the substance itself causing the crimes? This would be similar to saying that an influx of car accidents is due to drinking, and therefore if you drink alcohol ever you are prone to such behavior. It is ridiculous. For devil advocate sake; I can not comment on other substances, for example you may have to get your smoke from some shady AF person who could have laced it with other things without your knowledge. That wouldn't be the fault of the thc; it is like he is describing people on bath salts or something.

  8. Nah if you smoke daily for a decent amount of time and quit you’ll definitely feel depressed. It can linger with you, it just depends on your support system and if you can build new good coping mechanisms.

  9. The percentage of the population who use cannabis has been going up dramatically for a number of years now, yet the rate of schizophrenia remains firm at almost exactly 1% of the population. How then does cannabis cause schizophrenia? This is the most solid proof that it infact does not cause schizophrenia. However for those who are going to develop schizophrenia in their life time, using cannabis is shown to accelerate this onset.

  10. yesterday I took a big bong hit and I felt fine until an half hour later I was sitting in my kitchen table with my gf and for some reason the fan and my a.c. sounded louder than I woulda ever imagined and I covered mt ears until I ran and shut them both off and I sat down again and and blacked out for a sec and went to my bathroom and sat there for a sec and my gf knocked on the door asking if I were ok and I replied I don't know I felt like everything was spinning so so fast and opened the door and I don't remember this but my gf after the whole incident told me I started kicking screaming putting my hands down my throat and she said she tried to stop me and I grabbed her arms and started squeezing and tried biting I don't remember any of this and I love my gf so much and she called the cops my mom and after that I blacked out until I woke up sitting in the chair with police and paramedics around me asking me questions on what I did and I blacked out again and barely regained conscious in handcuffs and my mom was outside looking at me and I couldn't respond to her at all and after I was rushed to the hospital and I'm doing fine now my gf is scared of me but I don't blame her

  11. I am disappointed with your approach. You say you're a doctor, that means people will listen to you. The fact you claim to be liberal and neutral on the subject is a fail. What is the lesson here? Not presenting a solution adds to the problem or confusion for those seeking answers (not just on this subject) it's like, why am i listening to you, if all you say is, as long as you don't harm yourself or others. Stand your ground. Speak up and share your thoughts that can help someone. Too many " whatever feels right for you " or " you have your truth and I have mine"

  12. I think marijuana is harmful. I do like tobacco (roll my own) but I don't think tobacco is healthy in general. Smoke alters your perception. I think things like this is considered "sorcery " in scripture. I used to like smoking marijuana. But after the military and then trying it again, it's a turn off. Some good experiences (mostly alone) but too many bad experiences. The problem with marijuana for me is, you become vulnerable and unable to trust your judgment in simple matters. And doubt, from my military background, kills. Don't smoke. Whatever your issue, there's a healthy alternative. Don't try to feel justified, whatever your reason to smoke.

  13. Dear NeurogalMD : Just a week after marijuana was legalized in Illinois in 2020 the emergency rooms were flooded with people with severe psychosis, hallucinations and God knows what else. Enough said Doctor. Wake up.

  14. I think the argument about a small minority going berserk on weed misses the most relevant question: what's the effect of weed on the vast majority of the population? I don't really see stoners getting into fights or being aggressive in any way whatsoever.

  15. 6:40 – Love your videos but you know that cannabis causes depression. You can't reduce REM sleep without causing depression and violent behavior. There must be thousands of studies that prove this. Sure for some that violence may be limited to a hash word or finger on the freeway but still. Haven't you ever seen a nicotine fit? What do you call that?

    CBD reduces both REM and NREM sleep which makes it worse than THC. You know that a carnivore or even a low-carb diet is the best thing for seizures. Just think of all the false claims made by potheads and their suppliers. And epidiolex sounds like some very dangerous stuff. Hopefully it's only the last resort, when parents insist.

    No one is going to legalize cannabis. It's not really illegal in the first place. It's sale is regulated lake any other product. Canada has more severe penalties for cannibals possession, sale, and advertising than the US. The war on drugs is clearly racist.

    My issue is with the snake-oil salesman selling cannabis. They are everywhere in government, industry, and the media. Including Hollywood. Please let me know if you agree. I realize your video may be vague for a reason but if you could say just a little more.

    Thought I'd re-post this in case it gets lost down below: Everyone who uses cannabis runs the risk of having hallucinations, and delusional thinking. And for their children who will be smoking it in high-school, the risks are even greater. So why run that risk? What ever these people think they're medicating, they're only making it worse.

    "61 children with LGS (both cryptogenic and structural) were recruited, admitted into the hospital, and the ketogenic diet comprising of a 4:1 ratio of fat: protein + carbohydrate was gradually initiated after fasting. A seizure diary was maintained, and EEG records were acquired before starting the diet, during and after the diet. Blood and lipid profiles were also collected. Children remained on the ketogenic diet for a variety of time intervals- the minimum being 18 months.

    When seizure frequency and EEG profile after being on the ketogenic diet were observed, the results were quite encouraging. A complete seizure freedom in 20% of children, and substantial reduction in seizure frequency in 50% of the children was observed. Before starting the diet, EEG abnormalities were found in all children; in cases where the diet was effective, normalization in EEG characteristics was seen.  So much so that, in cases where the ketogenic diet was most effective, it was possible to reduce the dose of anti-epileptic drugs."

    "Specifically for Dravet syndrome, the medical literature includes both laboratory and clinical research that supports the use of the ketogenic diet. In addition, a review of the children with Dravet syndrome who were treated with the ketogenic diet at our center was undertaken. Thirteen of the 20 children (65%) with Dravet syndrome treated with the ketogenic diet experienced a greater than 50% reduction in seizure frequency. The ketogenic diet is a good alternative to medication for seizure management in children with Dravet syndrome."

  16. I've seen it happen with a acquaintance of mine. He did take a large dose however, and he had only been smoking it for less than two weeks. Also, on a side note, I've seen someone get 5150'd from psychedelic mushrooms. Screw drugs.

  17. The things you're saying are not true.
    Cannabis is the most amazing plant in nature, cannabis has been used as medicine for 10,000 years all over the world until some corrupt politicians decided that it was bad in 1937.
    Google the history of cannabis prohibition.

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