Dog Seizures: CBD vs. Phenobarbital

Phenobarbital is one of the most prescribed medications for your dog if they have seizures. Even though there are many side effects … What if I told you there is a …


  1. Growing up seizure were something have seen in movie,sometimes they taught about in school and something have never taught would become a part of my life. Fortunately, I did not many years. I was able to graduate from high school and start college at Vanderbilt University. However during my freshman year I began to have what was eventually diagnosed as simple partial seizures up to 20times a day, I would start blinking rapidly and hear strange noises. This seizure was often brought in by loud sounds such airplane flying overheads or starting a hair dryer. After several test including PET scans, CAT scans etc . I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and after trying several different medications, I found one that controlled my seizure when I was going through YouTube and I read alot of blogs where people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning Anti seizure Herbal medication. I searched for a website I just followed the email address Dr. Joy , that was shared on the testimonies; I got lucky when I got a reply from doctor and I followed her instructions and used the herbal medication in not less than two months I was already cured because of the changes I was seeing within a period of 5month , I was cured totally forever. I went back to my neurologist I was checked up and marked Epilepsy free. If you need her help you can contact the herbal doctor through her email and WhatsApp connection is 08116004247

  2. Please. My boy is on pheno zonisamide ans keppra xr. Still gets seizures weekly or biweekly. Please. Can cbd be given in addition to his meds? I need to help him.

  3. I didn’t want to put our Husky Zeus on medication from the Vet I have heard horror stories on how your pets can be affected by those medications. It’s definitely scary and I’m thankful that I came across your guises product

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