Blend this mix with your bog standard compost and create what i do. Use the number 1 outdoor seeds to guarantee your success …


  1. Can you be honest and talk about taste…does it all still have that homey taste to it or can some of their strains be hard to distinguish between it being grown outdoors or indoors. Please be honest. Im sure you know the taste I mean when I say homey? Nice garden dude I've got RGS for this season. Expecting very good results.

  2. How do you water them bro please help as i see this is forest how do you get so much water to water them ? Please help if you guys know i am planning to find place like this but cant figure out about water

  3. U need to make bigger holes, 4 or 5 of my lemonades will probably yield more than your whole crop . U have a beautiful crop though donโ€™t get me wrong .. I think youโ€™d be much happier running 50+ gallon holes in the ground mounded up a bit, thatโ€™s when u have plants the size of a car n shit yielding 20+ ounces each

  4. What strains ? I did some lemonade OG x freezeland and DFG and there almost ready for harvest there in 60 gallon holes in the ground backfilled with organics, 8feet tall by 6-7ft wide big chunky buds the size of my head sum of the DFG, and few of the shorter lemonade phenoโ€™s are pumping out 1 liter bottle sized colas and bigger lol . been fighting the onset of bud rot cuz we had two straight days of rain last week

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