Don’t Use Marijuana Before Age 25, Surgeon General Warns | TODAY

With many states legalizing marijuana, the U.S. surgeon general issued a rare advisory, warning adolescents against using the substance because their brains …


  1. This actually makes sense because the brain isn’t fully developed until around the mid twenties. I know weed isn’t that bad, but I suppose it could have negative effects on adolescents (people ages 10/12-23/25 according to the science of human development).

  2. Marijuana is an addictive drug.
    Being addicted for many years and lying to myself because of the so called “evidence” that it does No Harm.

    I challenge all recreational users to stop smoking for more than a month.
    If you cannot then you’re addicted.
    If you relapse, you’re addicted.
    If you feel a need for it, you’re afflicted.
    If you’re more anxious or depressed without it, you’re addicted.

    The fact that marijuana does NOT damage your brain is false. There is new evidence showing correlation to drug abuse, harmful brain effects, and depression/anxiety among individuals that use marijuana recreationally.

    I’ve lived it. I’ve experienced it for over 10 years. Wake up and realize that These agencies promoting propaganda are biased and harming you.

    WAKE UP SOCIETY. Don’t let your lives suffer due to their negligence.

    Work hard, deal with your struggles apart from drugs and alcohol. Build yourself up without those dependencies and I promise, in time, you will succeed if you have the will.

  3. "I started using at the course of law school, it started making me look at things creatively"….yeah this guy isn't getting the point out of law school

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