Dr. Ethan Russo creates a new home for cannabis breeders with Dr. Ethan Russo and Dale Hunt PhD, JD

Breeder’s Best is a new company providing an opportunity for cannabis breeders to bring their cultivars to market, while gaining protections and intellectual …


  1. Thus guys are definitely visioneers, I loved the record label example. If they really make it happen and success, it sounds like a great idea that may be useful for those few real breeders who struggle to get the support they need… obviously this is not for pollen chukers and clone wankers who never even read a plant breeding book but for people who have real passion for plant genetics and have spent years working on their own projects the way it's done.

  2. Form a rebel alliance?
    Dale Hunt is a plant scientist and an attorney who specializes in both cannabis and patents. He created and maintains MJPatentsWeekly, a website that catalogs cannabis-related patents and patent applications from the US and Canada. He’s so invested in the space that his San Diego business is called Plant & Planet Law Firm. 
    Hunt understands how deeply the Phylos episode cut the cannabis community. And yet, at the Meadowlands roundtable, he characterized Phylos founder Mowgli Holmes as nothing more than an errand boy sent to collect a bill. 
    To prepare for the much bigger battles to come, Hunt said the traditional cannabis industry needs to form a massive alliance capable of pooling enough resources to scare off overly broad patent enforcement efforts or to fight them tooth-and-nail in court.

  3. I can see the good and bad and impossible in this. The good: Small farmers who have been locked out of the business model could have a chance to make "some" money from their work. Problem could be, seeds have to stable, producing a uniform "product" that can be replicated. Does the small farmer have the resources and time to do this or will the larger corporate farmer be able to "out gun" the small farmer? The crazy part, how can you patent a seed that has been created out of many other cultivars which have been made out of many cultivars, etc etc.? Seems a good way to go would be patenting the farm and location. Example: Sour Diesel 18, 2025, Xylophone Farms, Location, State THC 18%, CBD 2% CBN.05% etc (Patent pending). That way the farmer not only gets a check, but gets name recognition just like a good vintner.
    Shango, i like that you brought up the TRUST question a few times because many times a contract is only as good as the lawyer for or against it.

  4. This is not going to help growers that are just starting out. Screw licences. It’s an annual, it makes a gazillion seeds, not like a patented variety of apples or beets. Pollen is an issue every year. Oh and screw the FDA as well. Wrongheaded! ANYONE can grow their own CBD. Whole plant medicine is easy! We are already doing all this work!

  5. Patents might be a good idea…but the industry is still young so we will see if it actually work out there are a lot of greedy people. You just going to go around stopping people from growing fire and force them into your dumb license license agreement or what you'll sue people? Honestly fuck you. This will just make good weed harder to get for the regular consumer. People will have to pay the Partner and Gamble of weed to grow the plant. Only winners in this shit show is the lawyers. Let me be clear none of us own this plant.

  6. im not show what kind of those wood protect me but i am listening congrats i hope you guys take this to the next leve i hope it works its not fair that someone gets 1 seeds and wreck your 10 years of research when your thourghts were helping someone

  7. You can’t license cannabis genetics. It’s impossible. Maybe a clone or mother but that is it. And dna test come back different all the time. Bunch of bitch boy crying about there little plants being bred with. Give me a break!!

  8. Thank you!! I would love to hook up with you guys … I am in Canada though. In the process of getting one of Canadas first micros …
    Love to know if there's any way to work together or if I can just come for a visit and a BS

  9. why not promote access to landrace types originating from their home regions at least as much as what prohibition has created..? this smacks of a new kind of prohibition..,another way to restrict what we can do and by who's grace it can be done. what is it exactly that must be protected (controlled) by these efforts,and on who's behalf?

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