Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Smoking Is Not The Best Way To Consume Marijuana

Smoking a joint seems to be the most popular way of using marijuana. Weed-infused cookies, brownies, and candies — called edibles — have also gained …


  1. Nothing harder than quit smoking weed,I feel depressed when I don't smoke but inside I wanna quit but I can't,help me on comment how to quit thank you my brotha

  2. I mean people have died from vaping so dab pens is a good alternative. But has smoking it ever really caused any negative side affects? It’s all about how you smoke it I think. For instance your not supposed to smoke 24/7 everyday. It’s harmless to smoke it once a day as long as you clean the bong. Hair, dirt, lint, bacteria, germs and all sorts of nasty shit sticks to the resin and that is what’s harmful. You have to clean your bong every time if you wanna stay healthy just like your teeth. Same goes with pipes and dab pens. The dab pens get nasty shit in them too. If you don’t keep it in a container then you have to finish it in one day or it’s gonna get nasty shit in it that can give you bronchitis. Bongs are actually the healthiest because it has to filter through the water. That’s why they call it a filter. For example tap water has fluoride while filtered water is 100% clean. Smoke a resiny black bong and I guarantee that’s what your lungs are gonna look like. A lot of it is common sense. There are so many lies and myths about weed that they actually make it seem like it’s a bad thing and that you should be guilty if you smoke it. That makes you paranoid and too much paranoia causes trauma in the brain. So if your getting paranoid every time you smoke it’s gonna have some negative effects on the brain. The paranoia is one of the main reasons people get anxiety and depression from it and that can cause even worse brain trauma. So your not getting paranoid from the plant itself, your getting paranoid of what people would think of you if you smoked it. Plus if you don’t use hemp wick or hemp matches for smoking weed and just use a lighter or even worse a torch, then you’ll get too much butane soaked in your bowl. Hemp wick is 100% anti microbial. So theres rules to this shit, if you do it the right way it can be harmless.

  3. did he not say he was a dr what is he a dr of stupidity . any dr knows that almost all medication is arrived of some fore of plant or animal or other product taking the counponds out that help as medication then making a pill out of them sometimes ofev making a synthetic form of the compound. this is how medacadions are made. the fact is that doing this is also whats couses side affects in medacations since they do not have the other compounds needed to prevent the harsh side affects. its the same way with weed if you ever smoked up a bunch of thc and found your self with a headach or sick its do to the fact their was not enough cbd in it. we need to rethink all drungs and makes them with full benafits of the plants except for the few drugs that are only come compounds can be used since others would kill. the best way to safly take weed is consumption the secand is vape the trd is smoke the forth is extract the compounds and make a pill but for the most benafits smoking with a heading elament like vap but threw a water filter like a bong.

  4. 1:28 The "Future" needs to keep her hands to herself or stick them up your ass….and leave the Marijuana alone…. let Nature decide if it need to change. If you want to change something go change yo mama filthy underwear.

  5. i "smoked" pot for the first few years i used it, never smoked anything before that and every winter i was getting bronchitis or some kind of URI, waking up with cough, i got sick of it and was scared of the health problems smoking causes…bought a volcano vaporizer and , yes while expensive, you will recoup that costs in in the first year, you get more THC by far than smoking it, and your bag of green will last almost twice as long, and havent had bronchitis since

  6. Sanjay: Master of the Obvious!
    This guy says some shit that stoners have known forever like it's a revelation, then pretends that pills are the best form of medicine to mollify Big Pharma. I'm sooo impressed. STFU!
    End cannabis prohibition worldwide NOW! Cannabis = panacea. Vape it e'ery day!

  7. Nebulizers cannot break down solids. A nebulizer is designed to turn liquids in to vapour and is commonly used for asthma medications. A vaporizer is designed for the use of solids, such as cannabis so it is safe to say that your friend has a vaporizer and not a nebulizer.

  8. I know that I can get a personal one at an affordable price. I have been on the market for one and you can get personal ones from about $120 – $250. I was specifically talking about Volcano vaporizers in my previous comment. Those things are probably the most efficient vaporizers on the market but they are very expensive.

  9. It's a vaporizer, and yes vape doesn't produce any smell or after effects. There may be a tiny bit of smoke that you see, but vape evaporates into the air almost instantly.

  10. Dude? You high? I just got off the phone with him, It's a nebulizer with a heating device to get the THC into a mist. They are made specifically for marijuana. He got one so I could be at his home more often. Says it works better than smoking it. He's a good friend. Never calls me "Dude" even if he's high.

  11. It is possible to put it into a pill form, with all the benefits. Google Rick Simpson, He was awarded freedom fighter of the war at cannabis cup in 2009, and found the most medicinal way to extract the flower, containing almost 90% CBD's.

  12. Since my friend started using a nebulizer, I can now go into his house. Cause pot smoke gives me a headache from hell. I have had to leave more places because of it. But the nebulizer doesn't affect me at all & the folks that use it say it works.

  13. Glad a reputable Dr. like Dr. Gupta publicly rescinded his prior opinion toward MM and now openly accepts It, kudos; now we just need the general public should recognize it for what it is instead of applying the negative social stigma that's been attached to it for years!

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