Dr. Scott Davis Talks Marijuana Use and Heart Failure

Dr. Davis talks about a new medical study that looks at the risk of heart failure and stroke among users of marijuana.


  1. Cannabis needs to be looked upon as a supplement. Though it can not cause lethal overdose in adults because CB1 receptors are not predominantly found in brain stem, there could be minor side effects from taking too much. Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids much like the cannabinoids within the plant. These cannabinoids are what help heal the human body of various ailments. Especially immune system issues. Just like with any supplement one must use proper dosing, and that varies depending on each indivitual.

  2. Processed cannabis is the problem, not natural, but if you already have heart issues or your family line has these heart issues your most likely to also have heart issues

  3. I had open heart surgery when I was a baby… I’m 21 years old now and I wanna try weed. My doctors say I’m healthy. My question is does anyone know if smoking weed will have any negative effect on my heart?

  4. ive been smoking for a good 3 years daily smoker, 2 blunts or so and a couple bowls and just a couple days ago i was feeling a kinda like a spasm in my left lung, i figured it would go away cause i normally get random upper body aches, but that night i couldnt sleep cause of it so the next day i went to my dr office and it turned out im having a heart arrhythmia from my bud, im only 17 so he didnt give me any medicine he said cut out smoking and youll see a diffrence, that was about 2 days ago, i havent smoked, smelled, or looked at my pack and i can already feel myself getting healthier, my point of view on it is anything is harmful to your body when you chain smoke it, and alot of us stoners dont relize it but thats what we are doing, we get high and when we come down we get high again, best thing to do if you are young and a daily smoker give your lungs a break every now and then trust me they need it, just like you feel your eyes get heavy and they need to rest, take that sane logic to your lungs, im quitting for a while till i feel 100% again

  5. Hi. Ive been smoking weed for 10 year and everything has been okay…And one day i smoked a joint as always.. After 5 minutes the back of the head felt like someone puched it , my heart rate went 140 bpm and my blood pressure went crazy 160/120 and my legs would not stop shaking. It really felt like i was going to die. PLS Help with some advice on what happened… I stopped for some days than i tried a to smoke just a little , same thing happened heart rate 140bmp and blood pressure like 150/110. Ive stopped for 7 months now but i really miss smoking.

  6. Not according to heart surgeon Dr David Allan. This is no different than the brought out media trying to sell their propaganda and products as truthful and fruitful. Bunch of rotten lies, cheats

  7. My god! I am 55 and been smoking, eating and drinking homegrown weed for 40 years and the doctor says I am fit as a fiddle, better considering a vein pressure test results showed the circulatory system of a 50 year old, baffled both me and the doc.. the only real difference that is noticeable after all these decades when compared with alcohol drinkers I have known all that time (I have not consumed any in 30 years), is less ageing, less wrinkles and less brain damage, while I read ancient history and quantum mechanics and am a mean gamer FPS to enhance brain plasticity, they watch singing shows on tv, don't read and cant operate a video game without total failure .. poor old buggers.. lol. alcohol is the killer, so is hydro chem weed..grow your own and its all good, like nature intended..

  8. I smoked potent weed heavily everyday for 3 years until I got very ill and had to have a heart transplant. The doctors still don’t know the cause of my old hearts failure but I’m pretty sure the weed had something to do with it.

  9. They want to say marijuana can cause heart disease but I feel it is was safer then alcohol marijuana has many substantial reasons for helping people with medical needs so when it comes to them talking about heart failure with marijuana they also need to think about the problems that alcohol causes for sure

  10. How about us Americans in general aren't very active. Maybe the people that did smoke cared less about their health. Speaking in other aspects not the smoking itself. Anyway this a filler episode 🗑

  11. I smoked weed over 10 years I can say I do get irregular heart beats and when I was getting I high my heart was very fast or very slow , weed can make you feel you could die tonight, the paranoia kicks in

  12. After 16 years of smoking every day yea I can say is bad palpitations lung fullness and light pain laziness light chest pains lack of motivation when I am off of it after 2 weeks I feel horrible cant sleep feel worried sad unhappy anxiety weird dreams joint pains dude if u can just not touch that shit just dont do it is bad after a while u can tell ur not the same person

  13. A lot of uneducated comments here. 1. If you have underlying health issues it could cause problems. 2. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle THAT could be your issue. 3. Steer away from sativas if you have heart issues. There’s people that smoke their entire life with no issues. Stop blaming something for your unhealthy lifestyle. Start at your diet and physical activity.

  14. To be honest, with weed being legalized, the government and pharmaceuticals wanna put streets sales out of business. I think somehow they are fucking with the weed to make this shit happen to people, lessen street sales and up legal sales. Like alcohol. Ive had good weed and then I've had weed that literally makes me feel like I am dying. Heart racing, numbness, all that shit.

  15. I’m 15 I don’t smoke I rarely ever do it and I smoked yd and now I feel like my blood is racing yet so relaxed and my left chest hurts when I try to inhale or breath

  16. cannabis doesn't cause heart problems, you over think how high you are, its called scaring yourself, hyper violating or making yourself to jumpy and happy off weed. people who do smoke weed would say " i also smoke nicotine as well" witch yes doing both will cause heart failure because you mixing two drugs at once. never as anyone, every died while smoking weed unless mixed with anything else. if your just doing clean weed your gonna be fine just don't start to mix drugs witch is common sense when your high of a drug like a weed, put down the vape, chew or cigarettes and just ride out your high by watching a funny movie and something that won't make you think about your heart because as soon as you say "I can feel my heart rate and you start focusing on that then yea your causing one of weeds symptoms that people do get witch is paranoia, and even if you are getting heart problems off weed then its not the weed but the weed telling you its cause you dont have enough sleep like if you start feeling this way drink some water, take off your shirt and anything that makes it hard to breath in and lay down and just try to fall asleep without thinking about your heart.

  17. The study forgot to mention that smoking of any kind isn’t good but there’re other healthier ways to use marijuana. This is how they spit half facts to change peoples opinions.

  18. By leaving out stoners over the age of 55 skews the study. If you leave out the older stoners, then you're not showing how many people are surviving with it. As well, the american diet took a great dive right around the time we were growing up, so these newer generations are sucking more sugar down than marijuana. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it dummy.

  19. This is straight bullshit ! Marijuana is looked down upon because pharmaceutical companys want to kill you. Have to go to real dispensary with real cannabis. Alot of you are making the mistake of not knowing what your smoking. I only smoke brands that are lab tested and non gmo/pesticide free. Pure Bs.

  20. Just take a shower or bath when ur high and think about stuff be creative in your mind and it’ll help with the heart rate (trust me I have bad anxiety but a nice little shower never fails)

  21. I had an experience about a week ago now. I was smoking a joint, and then my heart pulled, my throat and tongue started to pull. It was scary af. I didnt go to the doctor I just laid down. I woke up and everything was fine. Or so I thought. I didnt smoke the next day, but that day i came back from the food store and went to sleep. I woke up and stood up and felt like i was going to faint. And felt the same feeling on my heart. I called ems. They did an ekg and vitals. Eveything was normal. Went to A&e, everything came back normal. blood test and ekg. They sent me home and I went back. They sent me to a cardiologist. I was put on a 24 hour holter monitor test. Getting the results back Friday. I'm still feeling slightly faintish and heart beat irregular since that smoke. I'll never smoke again. As I'm typing, I just came back from the a&e again and everything is still normal. I think the weed is still in my system after all this time. Maybe I smoked to much. You know being blocked in quarantine, I was smoking more than I normally would. My heart beat felt like it was gonna stop tho, it wasnt beating fast like that other commenters. Anybody else ever had this kind of experience?

  22. Smoking wax increases my heart rate. Real fast. So fast that i can listen to my heartbeat sometimes. After a big dab i just sit down drink some water and play my video games on my phone. My body comes back to normal in about an hour. I drink lots of water because ill feel super weak and dehydrated

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