Drug prevention, marijuana facts for teens

Drug prevention, teens explain how marijuana was addictive, a habbit forming drug, created a dependence on the drug needing more of the drug to get the …


  1. Oh my god – have we still not got past the "gateway drug" hypothesis. ALCOHOL is the gateway. This is a classic confusion between causality and correlation. I'm embarrassed for you if you believe this is true.

  2. Yeah, I agree with others about Nemery Thentel’s website on google. Without it I think I COULD have quit but relapse is a whole other matter that is all too common. Thanks for keeping me on track with this video 🙂

  3. ▬▬► Hi friеnds. If yоu or а lоved оne neeеeds hеlр with drugs оr аlсоhоl аddiсtiоn CАLL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dоn't wait until its tоо lаtе wherе thеrе is lifе there is hоpе pеaссе аnd blеssings!

  4. Fake… This is all fucking fake. Who would believe this shit? 1 joint = 5 cigs? WTF THATS NOT TRUE! All what they said is not true. It depends on the person who smokes. You can be a depressed kid with a bad background and all this shit happens too you or u can be a straight A student with a great background and it doesn't affect you. FUCK THIS VIDEO!!!!!!

  5. It's not addictive stones do it often because they really like it and explore their mind I know it's not because I had to stop for like 3 months and I understood that and didn't even have withdrawal

  6. I'm in high school and been smoking for like a year (not everyday but still pretty often) & the idea of trying coke and meth has never and never will cross my mind these kids are just fucking idiots

  7. Not to mention, I spent a year in rehab and they told us in there that weed was the least of their worries because it causes no long term damage and is NOT chemically addictive. Weed is considered less of a gateway drug than tabacco or alcohal and has lead to less violent crime than any drug known to date, including caffeine.

  8. There is no provable physical addiction to cannabis requiring long term inpatient medical support to detoxify; don't worry though the repugnicrats will cut the budget out from under addicts and kill them off that way. Also no provable long term permanent health consequences from use as well. 

    The research that is generally cited in US cannabis drug war propaganda is methodological crap. The New Zealand Longitudinal study used as the basis for these conclusions did not include other socioeconomic factors in reaching it's false and damaging conclusions. What is happening here is what usually happens in cultural authoritarianism; the 20% that find benefits from cannabis in managing the symptoms created by the consequences of poverty; brain malnutrition, social exclusion, familial abuse, homelessness, etc., is blamed on cannabis when in fact the other factors seen above are the true causal factors. When a study does not include that in the analysis, the resulting research is methodologically bankrupt. 
         When the University of Washington was given funds for researching cannabis, only studies that researched the negative effects of use were funded. The motivation for this was the usual one for the US; money. You don't go anywhere in the collegial environment if your research is not funded; it's publish or perish especially if a professor is not tenured.   
    Benefical medical efficacy has never been adequately researched in the entire history of use in the US except for a short time in the 60's, but that was classified out of reach of the researchers who did it. See NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) for more insightful independent research. 
         What is really dangerous about the zero tolerance strategy being re-implemented in the communities and the schools is that it drives real addict/alcoholics away from help culturally leaving those that need help isolated and alone. This is why a nonjudgmental presentation of factual science is essential if you are to "help" someone; you can't just pretend to care as happens so many times in the US. If there is no research on beneficial medical efficacy, then there can be no consequent peer review. If the peers are influenced by big money, as Project SAM, funded by big pharma sources is, then the evaluation of the research is also bankrupt. That's why case studies were the only alternative in the US for a research method, but if the methodology was corrupted as it was in the New Zealand/Columbia Uinversity study, then the conclusions would necessarily be wrong as well. This is why it is also so dangerously irresponsible to blame the rightwing budget cut consequences on drug use generally. It makes it OK to abandon people and what great people they were too; see the song heroin girl for a little insight into the murdering 80's. The community based zero tolerance strategy was an outgrowth of that most evil time. See e-publishing site 3mpub for more on Lyle Courtsal's historical perspective on those times. 
         Finally consider this. Independent research shows that teen suicide rates are lower in states where medical marijuana is legal for a variety of reasons. The public school environment has always been ground zero for indoctrinating the next generation. The video I recently viewed used the threat of prison as a cudgel for reducing teen use that way, but the most principled of teens will renounce that immoral use of force and continue using whatever it is they are using. Another video cites discredited pseudoscience, the gateway drug theory, as a reason but once again other factors seen above drive the self-medication and even the symptom profile cited in this video. Prison shortens lifespans hugely; one can see the economic "sense" in that from a rightwing perspective. Even the domestic US driving studies were shown to be bankrupt and inappropriate, even delusionally crafted for malicious revenue generating purposes. When a site closes comments because they're too independent; when an agency closes it's collective mind to rational input from those impacted, then one begins to see what the real problem in Amerikkka is. . . 3mpub Lyle Courtsal leap.cc 

  9. I've smpked a 1/4 ounce of weed a day for the past two months. Marijuana is not addictive. I just recently quit again. Marijuana is not a bad thing. Nor are coca leaves. It's just when used incorrectly is it bad. My marks went UP from being in class under the influence of marijuana. So please, before you say weed is bad, take a hit.

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