Drugs, science and society; past, present and future

Narcotics have been used by humans since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and even today around 300 million people across the world take drugs each year.


  1. Drugs alcohol and guns ain't DANGEROUS, it's the MINDSET ATTENTION SPAN FREQUENCY of the HUMANOID DEVICE BEHIND them. So if your a HUMANOID DEVICE but your HEARTSTRINGS DESIRES TOWARDS HUMANITY is EVIL, THEN take a drug, your DANGEROUS, drink alcohol and your DANGEROUS, give you a gun. Your evil can EVIL DEEDS. So it's not the substance or the gun, its ONES WHO HEARTSTRINGS DESIRES TOWARDS HUMANITY is DEEPLY INGRAINED IN YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW. So if you are EVIL CAN EVIL DEEDS, then give you a drug drink and a gun, rock and roll you will do your HEARTSTRINGS DESIRES TOWARDS HUMANITY.

  2. If they knew back in the 1950s about the effects of alcohol and the long term harm and damage that it causes, it surely would have been banned as a dangerous substance. They should put graphic picture warning labels on booze bottles such as diseased livers and warnings that it can cause dementia.

  3. I personally think the law should start working on crimes that has caused familys lose of proprty or lives,leave the moral judgements to god I wonder how many people have been hurt in an accident by the law thinking they seen some one that mite be doing drugs and turn in front of someone , just think how much less crime there would be if they looked for criminals instead of splitting familys and cause children to be raised without one parent to sufer from the lose of parenting due to getting stopped illegally prosicuted by illegal means by corrupt legal system that smokes more dope than most they put behind bars

  4. Im all for drugs and all but If u take chemical drugs every weekend like extacy or amphetamins your brain will be fucked you become a heartless zombie and a discusting person

  5. Reasons why I believe all drugs should be legalized:
    1) Freedom of choice, every person should be able to choose what they put into their bodies. This is public policy issue.

    2) Hazards with even the most dangerous of drugs typically has more to do with purity and dosages which can be better controlled in regulated markets. This is pharmaceutical issue.

    3) Non-commercial markets encourage the lack of reporting and regulation which helps underfund gun violence, burglaries, gang activity, and violent crime. This is an economics and criminality issue.

    4) Illegality creates and encourages a public perception about drug users that never before existed. They lose jobs and are publicly ostracized for something humans have done for what is a natural human behavior. They are often cherry picked vices looked at unfairly and not given chances. This is an interpersonal psychology issue.

    5) The study of these drugs and their affects will change. Our understanding of psychology will change as we gain new technologies to better see their affects. Illegality creates barriers to research. This is science and research issue.

    6) They can make you feel good. This is an underrated interpersonal psychology issue.

    7) Young people should be educated about how to control and moderate the joy happiness they feel in their lives instead they are taught to just say no, which in some cases can be a downright impossibility. This is similar to the sex education arguments which say to educate and teach birth control over abstinence only. It may be necessary to explain to people the processes of dangers and even more importantly the positive aspects of drugs and emotional consistency they can some times offer over common emotional states. Developing better value practices is a part of growing up and substance users face unrelenting charges of skewed values and information that cigarette smokers, alcohol drinkers, and even other much more expensive risky pastimes can be associated with. This is an education issue.

    8) There is historical culture of substance use which is traced back to most ancient civilization that will be extinct unless properly preserved. This is a historical issue.

    9) Drug illegality is the primary leverage against minorities and nonwhite communities, also, more general speaking communities of poverty and lower middle class. These sub-groups are unfairly targeted and ostracized for the habits of a larger socioeconomic class.  This is a community, racial issue

    10) Recovery and Treatment options for substance users and abusers are currently, for the most part reserved for individuals with the resources and support structure that is not available to many poor and underprivileged neighborhoods and people.  Research has shown that these 'harm reduction" based approaches are cheaper on a state and easier/better for a populace than more putative approaches like jail.  Drug user should have opportunity for employment and standard of living same as anyone else.  This is a treatment and community concern issue.  

    11) At the moment prescription based opiates (oxycontin) and cocanites (novacaine) are grown in other poorer countries then shipped across the world for refinement and sale. A ground war in Afghanistan feeds the users of the United States while farms in India and Tanzania are the growing grounds for major world retail pharmaceuticals. These counties have low export costs and can be pressured into high militarization by the strong United States forces. This is a global militarization and security issue

  6. the chart you show at 46 mins is proper fucked everything thats below cannabis in that chart as killed people cannabis a BIG FAT 0 so how is methadone and lsd and ectasy less harmful than cannabis

  7. I was educated at school about 'Alcohol and Other drugs' and we leaned about this. (In the late 1970's). But I guess that Propaganda doesn't work so well on the educated . Its not taught in schools today. I never buy a 'newspaper' because its sensationalist crap. The people making these policy decisions are generally less well educated and younger than me. The Ignorant are deciding how I'm allowed to live my life. I woke up in the 70's , hopefully the internet will wake up enough people to change the way we do things now.

  8. New on the Ri Channel – 'From laudanum to meow-meow: drugs, science and society' Ri talk with Prof Sharon Ruston from the University of Lancaster, neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt and chaired by Kate Kelland from Reuters.

  9. seriously this is so fascinating. I'm a chemistry student, and I'm about to graduate this june. I want to go to graduate school for organic chemistry. Drugs are so fascinating, and it sucks that the government and the media has it so backwards. I love drugs <3

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