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  1. Thank you for this video. Packed with great info. Do you usually store hanging branches as well as the jars in a dark place? I have read that we should. Thanks in advance. Peace

  2. Have you ever used the integra boost packets. Same principle just different manufacturer. My grow store carries both. Just curious which would be best to not effect flavor in the long run

  3. My buds smell was bomb then it went away after drying bc my humidity was too low, will it that smell come back? I’ve put it into jars and burping them after 2 days I let them dry out of the jar for a couple hours. They are getting better, but will that hay smell go away if I keep curing and burping? It smelled amazing when I harvested.

  4. I'm growing some from seeds in my closet right now! Blue dream variety. Does the plant itself smells a lot? How long do you have to wait for the first flowers to tell if male or female?

  5. Flushing nutrients is a myth. It's biologically impossible. Once you feed a plant nutrients they stay in the plant forever. Look into it. All flushing does is help break down chlorophyll quicker, something during can do.
    You don't have to flush plants at all

  6. Hey, this dude is spot-on! I gotta know if they taste great like "kgb" used to when I was a kid? ( yeah million years ago, LOL). Seriously all the bugs nowadays taste like garbage compared to what it used to taste like. And I'm just wondering if it's because nobody's curing it like it used to be, just like dude does here. ( and by the way, each one of those closet two rooms looks like a mini rain-forest! Awesome! That whole place reeked, how cool, lol! Peace_Out!

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