Drying, Curing Cannabis Plants Guide – CHEAP & EASY Best Practices

Today we’ll discuss how to dry and cure Cannabis plants after harvest and I’ll give you pointers on setting up a proper drying room with ideal conditions, burping, …


  1. Can I run the inline carbon filter? Will that take away trichomes? Is it ok if I let air enter the tent? Will that be enough air flow? Thank you

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  3. Coming up this weekend my Blue Dream X White Banana Kush gets the chop before lights on Saturday morning. I’m setting the upper limits on my AC Infinity fan to 70deg and 50%
    This will probably be my most stressful week of the grow since I started it while I’m away for the next week. Cheers 🇨🇦

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  5. Great vid. Audio never bothered me at all. Quick question. When everything is said and done, at what degree should the humidity meter read. I don't know if this is measured in celsius or fahrenheit. Right now my humidity is measuring 62 degrees (i assume F.)

  6. I honestly dont see a reason for it . i tested this and only ended up w awful weed and i did it exactly as you told it . i also dried weed w the fan leaves on no curing and it smoked so goood like stuff out of dispensary.

  7. All these points are great. I am in a super dry climate so I only give it 3-4 days hanging. Otherwise it will be crispy fried at the end of a week's time. I am dealing with 10-15% rh and it hasn't rained here for over a month. Something to think about if you live in the (high) desert.

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  9. What if your soil is a little damp cause didn't fully dry on the 48hrs dark b4 cut? Still cut them cause I kinda have to, no place to put the ones that are done?

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