Dude Grows Show 152 Growing Marijuana Grow Talk

‘Grow Talk’ brings you solid information to help you grow your own marijuana indoors and out! All aspects of marijuana cultivation are covered including …


  1. tell people to go out and get a hydrofarm autopilot 4 way light controller…you can run it on either 110 or 220 with no new power cords(110v cord will plug into autopilot's plugs and plug & play on 220v) just use 1 ground if you want 110v or both common and neutral grounds together to run 220v!! It's like MAJIC! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. I want to switch to the GROW MORE powders too…busting yalls balls on Spectrum Kink and I thank yall for being "big boys" and not attacking me for just wanting a better show!! #KEEPING THEM HONEST

  3. I love you guys, but I've got over 25 years of growing under my belt and you guys have far too many pest problems and God only knows what else. If you need some advice, just ask.

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