Easy to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

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  1. I’ve tested this method, with 2 oz for 32 fl oz , and it’s amazing, very very dark smelly oil , heals any pain I have on my back , I use stuff that remains liquid so I can use in roll on for back .

  2. Lot's of stuff seems off, this is just from personal experience and doing it for a while, It tends to lose THC if you cook it for a super long period of time contrary to belief. I'd say a max of 2 hours double boiler full roar. As for decarbing too, People think tinfoil keeps in THC vapors or something but they can't just lift off then settle back in your bud lol. You need to lift your bud off your pan ive seen people use crumpled up parchment so it stays off, i use a short super low profile baking rack inside a 1inch deep pan, and put crumpled parchment on that. Stuff is super duper potent lol. Also decarb times are based on the moisture in the bud. Also being brown isn't necessary as different levels of moisture like i said before and chlorophyll, Just make sure it has that nutty smell and has been dried out and has tinted in color atleast (220 around 45 minutes, but i go a finer grind so 215 checking every 15 minutes untill 45 minutes. Also awesome video everyone keep making oils and butters!

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