Emergency Harvest Midnight Cheese

Hurricane Dorian Knocked Out The Power For A Few Days At Least, So I Decided To Chop The Midnight Cheese. Check It Out.. This Video Is For Adults 18+ …


  1. hey Bill. skimming through your content, really.enjoying your videos and was curious. would you ever considering taking all your YouTube content and making it into a Dvd? I know I'm not the only person that would buy it. even a 4hr tutorial dvd for $60-$100. id buy that and you forsure got more than 5 hrs of stuff to work with.

  2. Two weeks more sometimes you gotta ask "Why god" I'm just kiddn seams like there is a reason for everything eventually.also you could of been in week 5 of flower. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs I've bee growing since I graduated from high school 1984. And all the mistakes and issues through the years growing could write a novel about it

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