18+ EP 1 CRITICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION DAY 1. This is what you need to do on day 1. Top Shelf Grower demonstrates how to successfully grow …


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  2. BLESSINGS!!!! nice idea with the box, keep it clean.
    Canna we agree cannabis is the shit, your video is the shit, we are all a bag of chips and some thca sprinkled on top? Thanks for the vid and quality content! check out my cannabis extract haul $$250 and be my weedtube pal :'((((

  3. I understand its harder to put the filter at the ceiling but a pretty large part of your tent is un useable and all it does now is instantly filter the cold air outside,which is the fresh air you need for your plants(especially co2). Also the first 2 weeks a carbon filter is not really necessary as the plants dont smell at all

  4. Hot air rises. The carbon filter should be up towards the top of the tent. Otherwise, you're sucking the cooler air out and leaving the warm air in. Idk your numbers, so maybe you're doing it to get low humidity up.

  5. Good to see you back on brother, do you not think you would be better off havin your carbon filter extraction at the top of the tent ? Just a suggestion 👊☘🇮🇪✌

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