Equipment Setup Guide – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101 – Equipment Setup Guide. Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson 101 …


  1. Great video as always!! I had an unrelated question. Is it okay to give nutrients right after a transplant. I just transplanted and my girls are not happy with me!😱 I let the soil dry for a day and then gave them a tiny bit of water, they perked up a little but not much. Again did the same just now but more water. Hoping that helps them. The reason I'm anxious to give nutrients is because they look like they have a couple different deficiencies. Thanks again. Sorry for the long comment 😅 much love! ✌

  2. Very good information on growing out own personal potent marijuana strains. I'm a newbie but have doing a lot of research and reading about growing marijuana. My question is I got a 630 Watt CMH SE for 5×5 tent and a 600 watt HPS/MH for my 4×4 tent. Is it possible to use a both Lights in a grow room?

  3. Id like to thank the channel and their sponsors for producing a clear-cut, informative video series. This will help a lot of people but we just gotta get it out there.. this series should have more views

  4. Hello, I am building a grow room in the basment of my house. It is 10×12. I was thinking of 4 600watt LEDs that do a 4×4 bloom. Should I get fewer bigger lights or more smaller. Also I am growing 12 plants with the mind set if longer grow and making the plants into trees. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you

  5. Why does it have to be so high tech? Can I not just place the pot at the same place as my other house plants (not marijuana)? My other plants grow well with the natural light coming through the windows. Why would the marijuana not grow naturally like my other plants?

  6. Give the younger plants milk, in milk is a lot of magnesium😎😎 its very good for the youngsters. Also you can plant some brandnetel, the give a lot of carbon to the plants.

  7. Hi, I love the videos. I’m just gaining knowledge, but… a video about humidity along with corresponding cycles, do you have ones’ already? If not that would be awesome!

  8. I'm doing my first grow and just wondering if its good to have the EF at the bottom with the CF at the top with pipes running through and using a T-joint to connect a self made filter for the bottom

  9. I’m growing in a 24X24X48 grow tent and my plants grow to big for my tent. Is my tent to small? Or should I make the plant go into flower sooner? Iv noticed some youtubers have plants that are short with high yields, love the vids btw!

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