Farmer Grows Hemp for the First Time for CBD Oil | Agronomy Spotlight | Successful Farming

Recent laws passed have allowed farmers to grow hemp legally in the United States. Leigh Berry operates a farm in Minnesota, and for the 2019 growing …


  1. .3 delta-9 THC is a hard number to achieve the government is shooting itself in the foot there would be a lot more people growing Industrial Hemp if that number could change a little it would offer a lot more for medical CBD use to diversify the genetics

  2. This is my first year growing hemp. I hung the plants up in my barn to dry. I estimated them to dry in about 5-7 days. With the extreme dry hot conditions they dried to an almost crisp condition in 2 days. Now I'm having a real hard time processing them cause their too dry. Most of the flower is just crumbling. The Cbd potency is strong but plants are too dry to work with. What can I do to salvage my crop?

  3. Just an illustration of how the government gets in the way of good business. Requiring growers to get finger printed to grow a healthy product. I highly doubt the government requires growers of tobacco to be finger printed to grow a dangerous product.This is a very formative video. Thanks for this knowledge.

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