Federal Cannabis Legalization Main BARRIER: The U.S Senate

Federal Cannabis Legalization Main BARRIER: The U.S Senate The main barrier standing in the way of the Legalization of Cannabis on a Federal level is the …


  1. People in Maryland PG county are suffering under Nixon marijuana laws it's sad because Nixon was Rasist it on tape yet the United states government must also be Rasist because the aloud a radicals law to live all the way up till now.

  2. Bible-humper states will be dead last to legalize…if at all. Even if Federally legal, these backward states will likely keep it illegal in their states.

  3. The only way there will be legalization is if big business gets involved to spend millions of dollars to buy congressmen to lobby the bill. Unfortunately the people have all ready shown they want legal weed. But that's just not enough we know they do not listen to the people. Its a rotten shame

  4. Not all republicans are against pot. Plus they have been printing money for the last 14 months like it’s toilet paper! Any person with a brain that looks at the data can see. The dollar won’t last 5 years if they don’t pass this and possibly legalize a whole lot more. They need the taxes from everything but gotta bring stuff out of the shadows to catch a piece of all trades!

  5. in a weird way, the republican blockage will protect a lot of small (for now) american cannabis companies… while legalization is "right" from a moral perspective, it may not be right if you're trying to give first dibs to americans.. anyone else see it this way too??

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