First Cannabis Grow weeks 10 – 16 – Flowering Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve documented my first attempt to grow my own cannabis at home to show you what it is like! In this episode we turn down the lights and try to enter the …


  1. just grow autoflowers noob; they'll flower under 24 hrs of light. growing them in your window won't yield shit but at least you won't put 10 goddamn weeks into a plant just to throw it out?!?!? (why the hell wouldn't you just cut that plant down to size and then try to flower it again?)

    0:52 is an example of your "dark" period?!?!?!? wtf ? did you even do a modicum of research on photoperiod plants before you started to grow? pro tip: if you can see your hand 3 inches from your face in your grow room during the dark period, IT'S NOT DARK ENOUGH! check for all different kinds of lights on electronics too and cover them with black marker or electrical tape or some such. during flower, don't interrupt the plants dark period for anything.

    watching this video was painful.

  2. 3:50 i think if you change water regularly then small container wont be a problem. there is a video on youtube where a dude has grown a huge plant from a cup with soil, he fed it daily with liquid fertilizer.

  3. Great video man ive recently started my own channel im a real amatuer grower myself man. Currently got 4 zkittles and 1 purple punch under 2 marshydro ts600s in a 4×4

  4. Hey Jimbo, quick question. How did you manage to successfully root that clone without any air pump? Ive always been led to believe that plants will drown without an air stone pumping oxygen into the water

  5. If you sprinkle a dime size dose of Miracle grow peads in the 4 weeks stage or sooner, it forces plant into flowering. I accidentally did this to my first plant as I wanted to grow plant taller but it stopped at 24 inches and flowered/ Didnt do this to my 2nd plant because Im waiting to flower at 3 to 4 months in before doing method traditional way of the darkness stage…

  6. Really awesome, I wanted to do that but I don't have the proper nutrients in my country. What seems to have happened to your plant is some kind of nutrient imbalance, maybe the PH of the water was inadequate or the nutrient mix was too strong. Great content

  7. Your plants are so huge I hope mine stays small, it's not even growing buds yet though rip. And looking at the video rn you have a small plant that has huge leaves I dont understand why mine dont ever do that they just stay small get really tall and than die 🤣

  8. your roots are bad because your container is letting in light …paint the outside black, so no light can penetrate. this will stop algae growth. also monitor the water temperature. above 80 degrees is trouble. will make bad roots too.

  9. Just like a fish tank, Ph and nutrients are easier to control on a larger source of water. I did the same thing on my first grow with vegging for too many weeks.

  10. Hi – just adding my 2 cents. I'm not an expert grower – I'm still learning how to tell what my plants are telling me. From the condition of the leaves on the clone from start to finish, I see three possibilities for why it died: the soil was kept wet all the time (plants need to cycle through soaking wet and DAMP (not dry) the whole time they're growing); over feeding of some nutrients and underfeeding of others; temperature was above 85 F too often. One last thing to look at would be how fans are being used. From my experience, the proper use of fan(s) is important, too. A gentle breeze that's not pointed directly on the plants keeps the air stirred, helps the plants w/ transpiration so the soil won't stay soggy, and causes just a little constant fluttering which strengthens the stems and stalks. 🙂☮💚🌿

  11. U don't top a plant by cutting the top of it's the middle of the top u pluck out and when u put ur plant in flower u need 12ouwers night pitch black then 12 ouwers daily and hop ur new seed works better bc I grow with fox farm dirt and miricle grow for nutrients

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