First Time Growing Weed at Home: Week 2 & 3 –Watering and Pruning!

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  1. The leaves are down like that bc they need to be fed if ur using organic soil with nutrients already in the soil than add new soil to it if not then you need to fertilize them btw I like the grow set up looks cool

  2. Are you still active??? Love the video and the content. Keep growing them ladies to the sky. I'm new to YouTube and channel creation/content. Id love if you stopped by and help GROW our Cannabis community. Much love and respect from Canada

  3. In what stage you refer to week two and three, because those are big. Can you give me a light on when to start veg stage … my puppy's are 2 weeks old and from I know pretty normal. But those are big!!!

  4. You two have a vague idea of what to do… just because your shirt features a city in California, doesn’t mean you can just trickle water on a plant ( was it even ph’d, and they obviously need a feeding) and start yanking off leaves and expect anything decent… can you even tell me what deficiency your purple punch has… I’ll give you a hint – N. 🥴🏆🌱🌳🌲🎄

  5. You didn’t water them enough and at this age they need nutrition probably around half strength. You should never let the soil get “bone dry”. You can pick up your plants if they are light they need water. Happy growing

  6. def need to learn how to water, and she is giving false bad information again. those leaves were cut because that plant was a clone. that means cut off a mother plant. cutting the leaves and removing a lot is to get the plant to grow roots instead of the leaves. if there are no roots then there is no growth and the plant dies. cutting off a half leaf doesn't safe it nor is it a practice for growth. you guys def need to research and she def needs to stop talking.

  7. Sorry guys this is absolute fail. You dont have any knowledge about what you do. The plant looks absolut unhappy, you should watering den plants on drain. PH value of the water is also one of the importents things to get a good result

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