Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program Benefits Patients

Our Miami Marijuana Doctors Help Qualified Individuals Obtain Their Florida Medical Marijuana Card. Many People Are Unaware That There Are Alternative …


  1. Hey bro can you buy they wax/shatter/ oil that they put in the preloaded cartridges by itself so you can dab it in the State of Florida or is that still illegal

  2. Glad to see Medical Cannabis is helping you, these pharmaceuticals are very dangerous in comparison to Medical Cannabis , it is almost a no brainer.. I am currently on the 90 day waiting period & so is my grandmother. How was the process after the 90 day waiting period?! What did your recommendation look like? The way I have heard it, after your 90 day period is done & you received your recommendation, you have to send a check to the compassionate use registry with a passport picture , then wait a couple of weeks for your actual medical ID card. Thanks for the upload and keep em coming. 🇺🇸#Amendment2MedicalCannabisFlorida🤙🏻

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