Florida nursing home denies use of medical marijuana by chronic pain patient

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida for those on the Compassionate Use Registry, but a Pasco County senior citizen is being forbidden from taking her …


  1. So many are suffering right now, recreational marijuana is supposed to be put on the ballot in 2020 election. MAKE IT LEGAL FLORIDA!!! Even if you personally choose not to use it, don't deny it to others who can no longer get chronic pain meds because doctors no longer will prescribe opioids to patients because the DEA has threatened them into submission. To those doctors I say either grow some BALLS & take a stand for your patients or tear up your medical license !!! To this son, take your mother home to your house, she took care of you, NOW YOU TAKE CARE OF HER!!! WTF !!!

  2. This is non sense! I understand that in nursing homes, you do not want smoking of any type around due to Oxygen tanks and what not but in a pill form of thc or the thing that looks like a thermometer that is thc is taken orally as well ( My cousin has one like this in Indiana) . Should be allowed. I am truly curious how a nursing home staff is over a specialized doctors medical orders and scripts with laws in favor of it throughout Florida. I see pain management myself with a specialized doctor and it makes me wonder what is the delay as he himself does not prescribe it yet.

  3. Wow. Can we at least give seniors the care they need. It's horrible. When a plant can help with the pain and other symptoms you should allow them to use it. Smh. Denying people the right to feel pain free.

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