Florida's Office of Compassionate Use – An Overview (Florida Medical Marijuana) — Know Your Law

This video is about Florida’s Office of Compassionate Use and some new info I’ve gained in relation to this topic. It is the Florida Department of Health’s office …


  1. You have to be a patien for 3 months? I have done so much testing and been at mine for about 3 months. And how can we pet ion to be a grower in our homes?

  2. Florida and the Dept of Health have removed the term 'compassionate use'. It is now the Dept of Medical Marijuana. Apparently it was never about compassionate care, all about the money and limiting grower competition to guarantee billions for good ol'boy growers. And of course a promised token black grower to show fairness and nondiscrimination. What about a hispanic or woman grower, or the LGBTQ grower? And what's with the $75 fee to apply for ID Card for the registry?

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