For Dementia, Medical Marijuana Pill Made No Difference

And while some evidence has suggested that it could have health benefits, marijuana isn’t likely helpful in treating symptoms of one neurological disease.


  1. CBD oil does work! Medical marijuana works even better. As a vale its even stronger. I've seen it work. This is big pharma's "minute news" don't subscribe to her channel she's not stating truth at all!

  2. As for now, only whole plant extracts seems to be working for seizures. What part of the plant are we trying to avoid? 90% of all studies allowed by the government was to try to learn and prove the negative effects. What did we learn? um……. Israel on the other hand has been studying it since the ย 60's and has it in place in their healthcare system.

  3. Yes a pill form made by chemists does not work.. next time they might try and give them the natural oil and that will probably work.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We've seen this before with synthesised cannabinoids such as 'marinol'.

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