FOXTAILING In Cannabis Plants – How, Why + Is It Good Or Bad?

Time for a grower discussion of Foxtailing, today on Lex’s World My Amazon Grow Gear & Head shop…everything picked by me: …


  1. Is there any other negative, other than potential yield issues? Is ok to smoke and will it affect the THC and CBD? Many thanks in advance 😊

  2. So I'm confused. I live way up north in the Midwest, and I had never experienced this before. Normally I've grown indica but this year a friend out west sent me some seeds to try. Turns out it was some weird sativa, and that doesn't grow so well in the frozen tundra. Long story short i had it in a 5 gal bucket and I trained and cropped fine and it was beautiful but about three weeks ago we got our first snow and the day I brought in and put it under the lights in noticed this. Should I have just picked and dried immediately?

  3. Im on my last 10 days before harvest, and now the buds making foxtrail and new white pistils appears, the trichomes are still not amber, what should i do please ? 😕

  4. Currently 4 x money makers 6th week foxtailing. Lookn dam solid, managed to tip early on so main is outta control but lats are also! Love to be able to pollinate 1 lat to get seeds

  5. Damn… I tossed 3 of 10 plants last year, indoor grow, thinking they were hermaphrodites… they didn't look exactly like hermie pics online, but definitely didn't look normal and I didn't want to chance it. Thanks for the info, I'll know what to verify if it happens again

  6. i never get tired of your videos i watch them a lot to learn how to grow right i hope you do more videos on grows on more lights but there some soils and what ones grow weeds best or i remember you say that you were doing research on manure and compost and the benefits of growing organic to chemicals and bottled fertilizers or microbes

  7. funny my first tent grow ever i was like this looks weird! only 3 grows later i stimbled upon this foxtailing and realized what i had had way back! the bottom line it worked weel for me and my foxtailing was the good kind the yield was great, i had thought the plant was starting to become a hermaphodite, but that was not the case as i now see, i used t5 24/7 15 18 inch away from top,, it may have been the strain im not sure, it was tangerien dream from growers choice, growing some gorrila this time if it happens with this strain as well then ill know its the enviorment im creating in the tent, what i like about this vid is its still shots, just down to basics listening looking, i hate when people spen 2 min on some typ of stuoid as hyped intro!! here was my first grow ever with no temp controller!! the center one on this link was the one that got foxtailing massive yeild

  8. I notice that you do giveaways and thank you for that as it is nice to be appreciated as a viewer or in thiz case subscriber follower so good job and keep on giving us guidance and wisdom

  9. I’ve had it down to me now as we speak due to heat stress
    Am I rite I’m thinking it’s good to leave them in the dark before harvest with out any water to re increase my thc as it seems the fox tails have grown over the thc filled buds

  10. i had foxtailing , i found my inner node calyx were pollinated good ripe seeds ,so i think maybe did it fox tail to try catch more pollen , pollen was from a reversed gorilla glue so the seeds make up for the foxtailing

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