Full Life cycle of the cannabis plant. Explained in mins!!!

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  1. Lots of Hard Fast Facts! Great tutorial. Just get through the whimsical electro voice-over pattern, and your off to growing true little monsters!

    Great video – there was one thing I forgot, and your video hit my memory, knocked out the cob webs and now I'm back on track.

    Thanks for sharing your time with us! Will have to check out what else you have up your sleeve for my entertainment value! TTFN!…

  2. Sin semia, this is the real and first name for hydro. I just started watching narcos season 2 and its abt how seedless weed was first created. Its not exact facts but some of it is true. Check it out, one of the best series shows I've ever watched

  3. Never have I ever had a heathy plant that was started in a paper towel… I always go through a period of weakness, however.. when using dirt and water start to finish I always have strong plants.

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