Full Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits – Here's What It Is, and Why It's Best!

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  1. Hi, thanks for this clip. I bought 10% full spectrum cbd oil in the famous online store Crystalweed and found many benefits to counteract migraines. I believe that I will continue to use it in the future and give up some medicine that will ruin my liver.

  2. liked and subbed. I'm already at wits end with my cubital tunnel syndrome … and I don't want to spend $4k+ for surgery. So yeah, I am desperate and to hell with what my workplace rules state about drug tolerance … they tolerate an absolute 0% to THC … which they define as drug abuse … but prolonged use (no matter how short of a usage) of full spectrum CBD oil could trigger a red flag for THC in drug testing.

    It means I risk my career.

    Do I care? No, not really. I was looking for a job when I stumbled across my present employer … I can do it again. Best news is, if this CBD works for my Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, I can do the same thing again …. looking for a job … without all the pain and discomfort.

    Who knows. Might lead to a much better opportunity … so long as they don't drug test me LOL!!!!!!

    Such a screwed up lagged and bottlenecked system we have in place for the workplace of today …. It disgusts me, but people need to move the hell on and let things flourish before they call quits.


  3. hey Johnny Ross, I'm in Rio De Janeiro researchin CBD ( on the internet) and hearing you say you are studying at UK I stayed tuned in for the whole video and it was worth it. presented nearly every factual point about CBD oil that i have discovered in my search. I'm giving you a big thumbs up on your collective knowledge. I will review it once again and then i plan to send the link to my Doctor, as Medicinal and Prescription CBD is available in Brasil.

  4. Thanks for the video. However, since I've been taking my HEMP EXTRACT OIL FULL SPECTRUM(750MG) It hasn't improved the quality of my sleep. In fact the opposite happened. I couldn't fall asleep. Also I still have pains on my shoulders, arms and elbow. So why isn't it working for me?

  5. Thank you for condensing all of the info you found and making it so easy to understand! I was overwhelmed researching this topic and had no idea where to start. I'm way more comfortable now and feel like I have some understanding.

  6. I use to take CBD oil and ordered full-spectrum CBD and I just got it and it is not "Clear" like the CBD oil but it is "black"? Is that normal? And it tastes different from the CBD!

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