Giggle Bush Farms Tour – Commercial Cannabis Cultivation – Optic4XL

Giggle Bush Farms – Medical Cannabis Producer in Oklahoma Licensed as a commercial grower legally in the State of Oklahoma Optic4XL – 460 Watt …


  1. These MMMMASIVE treeeez 😃✌ i grow critical and girl scout coockies now under optic4, but ill stick to blue dream and super lemon haze, i also always try something i see you grow like the glueberry OG. Man yr so lucky to be in the position your in. Greets from belgium

  2. Awesome update showcasing the optic 4XL & the optic 8 awesome Dynamite that's all I can say.#TEAM OPTIC LET'S GET IT okie doke West keep up the great work my friend I'll be purchasing another one soon I hope stay cool peace out

  3. Those Optic LEDs are producing a truly beautiful, thick canopy!!!! Can we get more info about their grow, like what nutrients are being used, C02, etc.? Keep the content rolling bro.😎🔥🌱🌿❤👍

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