Girl stops having seizures after cannabis oil treatments

Alex Repetski, who treats his daughter’s epilepsy with cannabis oil, says she could barely sit on her own before the treatments. Subscribe to CTV News to watch …


  1. We should all remember be proactive in our own lives and don't solely depend only on modern day technology and medicine. The Creator created all seed bearing plants and everything we need to survive if we only stop letting modern day medicine kill our loved ones. Did you hear him say his daughter was on seven to eight kinds of medication. Geez that poor little baby. His before and after photos even the baby skin color looked even better…

  2. We are about to vote on it here in NZ. So sick of all the drug industry patsyโ€™s on tv saying how dangerous it is… meanwhile NZ has always had the highest per capita use on the planet practically and is currently run by gangs… Then you see videos like this and see why the drug industry is fighting so hard to keep it suppressed. That poor baby was on 8 different medications and homemade pot oil beat the lot with zero side effects!

  3. Cannabis should never have been made illegal in the first place! Check out William Randolph Hurst. Heโ€™s the main reason it was criminalised. A crime against humanity. Weโ€™re full of cannabis receptors because our ancestors have consumed it since the dawn of time. Anyone who thinks cannabis should be illegal has never tried it. Hypocrites

  4. So good that they got it to her early. Many kids and even adults are given cannabis too late. Yes it's awesome that they found it and are better but many with these severe epileptic disorders are made mentally and physically disabled due to the seizures. They're never able to learn or even walk because of constant seizures. Hopefully in the future we can get this medicine to these sufferers as soon as possible to stop the damage before it starts

  5. My daughter has had epilepsy for 10 years and each year is worse than the first, I am studying how to make it on my own.
    Please some instructional diagrams or well planned input would be beneficial.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Cannabis oil does work, it has helped my boy only less than a month after starting medical marijuana. The very first night my boy was able to sleep well and he is returning to his old self again.

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  8. What state are you in. I need this for my 9month old in Mississippi. The doctors say it's illegal and they're not giving a prescription for it. My baby is on 3 different seizure medications. She's so lifeless since she started the medications. Her seizures are in the brain as well. Please help

  9. My grandma had Parkinson's disease, she is about 80 years old it was detected 7 years ago. it was getting more difficult to live for her, because of stiff muscles she can't even move. L-dopa and carbidopa medicines are given, but won"t give much relief. She can"t eat food and the skin is damaging forming ganglia. This is may be the last stage of disease.. nothing was really working to help her condition. Finally she started on parkinson's herbal formula i purchased from Health Herbal Clinic, i read alot of positive reviews from other patients who used the parkinson's herbal treatment. she used the herbal remedy for 7 weeks, its effects on parkinson's is amazing, all her symptoms gradually faded away, she feed very more freely by herself now! (Visit www. healthherbalclinic. weebly. com or email at healthherbalclinic@ gmail. com) I recommend this Parkinson's herbal formula for all Parkinson's Patients.

  10. Doctors who finally help a Dad who has to tell the doctor what he needs, IS NOT A GOOD DOCTOR, he is just a drug pusher for pharma. Good doctors would have been telling the dad that vaccines caused the condition and never give the baby vaccines which made her sick. Pharma pushers are NOT GOOD DOCTORS…fire them. Put pharma CEOs in jail for murder and destruction of the health of the nations.

  11. that was a good doctor. Knew that big pharma drugs were doing nothing and was open to try something else. Glad this man can provide his daughter with some effective medicine!

  12. That baby is gowing to grow up more stronger and extremely thankful her parents gaver cannabis oil instead of pharmaceutical garbage.


  13. Love to see videos like these! I hadn't heard it went legal in Canada, though even for prescription it is a great step forward!! On wards to full legalization, everywhere possible.

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