Giving CBD OIL to our DOG ~ IT'S WORKING.

We’re in San Felipe, Mexico and sharing about how we started giving our dog CBD oil for her auto immune condition which causes her spinal cord to get …


  1. Can anybody recommend a brand please there's way too many out there I don't want to buy the wrong one I need something to better my dog's immune system

  2. I purchased this Amazing cbd oil for dogs, from Procana Vet Formula 250mg peanut butter flavor 100% CBD oil for pets and hands down this is some amazing stuff.. My 12 yr old min pin destiny on the first day,yeah I said first day I can see and know there's a huge difference in my baby that she's telepathically told me that shes great and she thanks me.. I know what you probably thinking I'm crazy but its true if you have a super huge bond with your dog I swear you can talk besides words from the mind… That's another story but this product from @procana cbd vet formula for pets is amazing..

  3. It would be nice if you got to the point instead of talking about your breakfast and how much your clippers cost for your dog well I'm trying to find out if it works for my dog or not so I just channeled off your video

  4. Every single person I've seen today on YouTube who gives CBD to their pets for ailments whether it's epilepsy or Lyme disease or arthritis or whatever they've named it just seems as if this is a miracle treatment for them and in some cases a miracle cure .

    A friend of mine has a gorgeous dog that suffers with the epileptic seizures and they have to keep increasing his phenobarbital and today I was able to convince her by sending her some of the vids get some CBD oil and little while ago she said she's buying it in the local Farm and Feed Store.

    I feel so happy for her dog.. he's so precious.

  5. More and more states and pharmaceutical companies are joining forces just to explore the potentials of CBD. I read on this article that Abattis and University of British Columbia are exploring also. I won't be surprised if they'll come up with a formula benefiting most pets

  6. You mixed hemp with marijuana and hemp is separate from the other. Our country wants to misinform people about hemp because it would make many large money making industries close! Our government is big on wanting people to do things to help the environment. Well one of the major things hemp can do is to make house walls that are better insulation value which doesn't pollute the environment and would be negative carbon footprint, meaning helping the environment! The longer the walls sets, the harder they become, and the walls create a barrier to moisture and with insulating properties lowering people's electric bills to boot!

  7. I’ve just started my 13 year staffy on CBD oil. He’s had CHF for few years but managed well but has been diagnosed with neurological issues. Wondering how it may help him for the better. What dose have you been giving pup?

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