Giving Tink, our GCC (Green Cheek Conure) CBD Oil – Seizures

A Special Needs Gift: Tink We know people in the parrot world, and one gave us a ๐Ÿฆœ Green Cheek Conure (GCC) because he couldn’t sell her. He explained …


  1. Wow If I had known. My lovebird just passed away two days ago from massive seizures. I went to an emergency vet hospital, spent a lot of money on meds, and the next day she was gone. How did you find this remedy? What vet organizations advocate for CBD or other alternative treatment for birds?

  2. My 16 year old cinnamon green cheek conure has been having seizures for the last month or so. I took him to a vet who did blood work and found no deficiencies or aberrations so she prescribed gabapentin and calcium. My bird refuses to drink anything with the gabapentin so I've stopped trying to give it to him. It has a very strong taste so I don't blame him. I've tried diluting it and various methods of sneaking it in his water and some food but to no avail. I can't believe I found this video so appropriate to my problem so thank you for posting it!! I would like to know what brand of CBD you are using and the source for buying it. PLEASE help . This bird has been my soul mate for 16 years and I can't imagine losing him now. In between seizures, he seems normal although possibly a little bit weak perching but not falling. The newest problem is his aggression towards clothing and clothes hangers and by virtue of the proximity of my hand and fingers I get bit too. He seems to get extremely excited and laughs while biting the you know what out of whatever has attracted his attention. He's not mad but just seems to find much enjoyment doing it. The seizures have gone now this week from one every day to one in four days but it's been replaced by this aggressive behavior which I believe should be reduced or eliminated by the CBD. Thanks for any help and an update on your little Tink.

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