Gov. Ricketts: "Legalizing Cannabis will KILL your Kids"

Gov. Ricketts: “Legalizing Weed will KILL your Kids” Governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts made some insane claims today about the dangers of Cannabis.


  1. Data Manupulation is right….. great touch here brother lets not forget some of these OLD bozos are blocking peoples safe access to Cannabis and need TO BE SUED IN THE HIGHEST COURTS OF THE LAND! The people that have more taxable income IT'S TIME WE STAND! Makes no sense why do we have a Medical Industry if it's not private anymore………….

  2. I’m from Nebraska and let me tell you this state fucking SUCKS. Whenever I try to talk to an older person about the legalization of marijuana they always say 1 of three things. 1. IT WILL KILL YOU 2. There will be more accidents than drunk driving 3. Kids will buy it (how can those kids buy it legally if you have to be 21?) black market will always exist can’t avoid it

  3. He is say every one body system is the same and every one should not use it. This is control. They want every one under control against there will

  4. This guy believes 8th graders to tell the truth about using marijuana? That study was screwed from the beginning. More work force is using marijuana in legal states? I would imagine so since in states where it’s illegal you jeopardize your freedom by using. You should be able to come home after work and enjoy cannabis without the fear of losing your job. Worked with plenty of people that drink alcohol the night before and call out to work the next day hung over. Never heard of people calling out of work because they smoked cannabis the night before.

  5. Even if they were owned by tobacco companies…Tobacco is also legal, so what's the point there? There is just so much to pick apart here, don't even know how you managed to do this in 20 minutes.

  6. He is only passing on Reefer mad propaganda. He definitely is not aware of the size and scope of the underground market and that market will sell to your kids no problem.

  7. Youtube won't let me post links to the articles. Just search Google for Colorado 8th grade 6.5% cannabis and they come up. Ricketts is misrepresenting the data on order to support his false arguments.
    2020 article saying that in Colorado, surveys show teenage use has gone down since legalization. Found an article from 2012 putting 8th grader use in Colorado at 12%. That's before legalizing. More recently the governor is correct, it's closer to 6%🤣 probably lower than in his state!

  8. We should’ve been voting on a decent med program in November but the AG screwed us. We won’t do anything til fed legalization and will be over run by Native Roots and Green Solution.

  9. If anything this guy would be the reason why it could kill think about black market pesticides and stuff that has to be killing people unlike the more healthy regulated stuff that actually gets checked to see if it’s safe. I just don’t get why people think the way they do. It’s just so backwards.

  10. These prohibitionists have a total combined iq of 2.57 ON A GOOD DAY. I swear they were dropped as babies from the Empire State Building onto the top of their heads. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  11. Marijuana isn't as safe as people think it is… but it sure as hell isn't gonna kill your kids. I mean, sh!t…. If it did… then I've been dead since 1998 and my ghost is typing this message. 💯

  12. No… actually statistics are used to provide disinformation
    People with schizophrenia STATISTICALLY use cannabis to self-medicate

    Not that cannabis use causes schizophrenia

  13. when the science comes out validating cannabis's use to treat a variety of cognitive issues, this guy will look like a real idiot. He should be screaming at parents about the sugar they are feeding them. Yes, keep big business in check by enabling small business to compete, but that's another issue.

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