Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

‘GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution’ is a feature-length and one-hour documentary exploring the medicinal use of cannabis, the patients involved & the …


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  3. Bad thing is, medicinal, in Pennsylvania, is nothing like black market flower….we pay over $500 an ounce at dispensary, compared to the $110 – $200 an ounce for Black Market-PREMIUM TOP SHELF flower, which is normally HOME grown or shipped from Cali and/or OREGON ……

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  5. We need a medical cannabis revolution in the world – the US especially does. In regards towards legal law reform and legal system setup and production and distribution companies who make and process the cannabis. If Governments supported cannabis industries and services and products more for the general public it would help with other societal issues like reducing numbers of people who use other more dangerous and toxic drugs, health care costs and things relating to people's health, and saving headaches for a lot of people in general. Need more people with positive attitudes towards cannabis in parliaments and Governments.

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  7. There has not been a war on drugs. It is a war on people.
    It is a war of ideology – just like the Spanish Inquisition.
    The priest gets his “holy sacrament” – users of other drugs get torture.
    Sending men with guns – all – all of whom use alcohol.
    Vile hypocrites sending armed vile hypocrites – self-righteous liars who should give back for all the persecution they inflicted on decent people. They made careers out of persecution.

  8. The people that are talking about the trimming and curing process have no idea what they're talking about though. Look up Ed Rosenthal and read one of his books to learn the why's and how's of growing from seed to smoke.

  9. Check out Weed the People on Netflix and CBD Nation on Amazon Prime. They are two of the best documentaries to support to the medical capabilities of cannabis and I highly recommend them.

  10. Huh, my dad had brain lesions and then had to have about 8 spinal taps before they finally decided it was MS. I guess just the brain lesions were enough to say 100%?

  11. I don't know if cannabis helps in relieving any medical conditions but I have seen so many able men who start cannabis for recreation and they had ruin their lives, their mental health, they had become slow, lazy, temperamental issues, they have bankrupt financially, they have develop relationship issues. Eventually they had become a burden on their families. I feel pain when the people you know were outstanding in their life and then eventually they are broke and destroyed.

  12. it's so sad that the government only listens to the 1% and the rest of us suffer,prison,fines,suicide,homelessness,social services,will never get to Eton but they will never live in peace nor rest in peace i like to think…. it's all rigged!

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  15. I don't know much about cannabis And I don't really agree with it but after seeing this if the brother presenting the show gets genuine relief from his pain i believe he should have accessibility to it God Bless Wish you A full recovery

  16. I have f.m.s. ,I use medical cannabis. Without it my life would be SO MUCH MORE painful. I know, Ive tried!!! Unfortunately I live in a state that is fully decriminalized, but not fully legal !!! we need to legalize in every state and every country across the board and people need to have access to Medicine GOD created not big Pharma

  17. I dont really have health problems but I definitely have sleeping problems. I work 12hrs a day and sleep is needed more than anything. I've had Melatonin, over the counter meds, CBD without the THC, ive tried a lot and of course i still get sleep but its not good sleep. The moment I tried Cannabis I had the best sleep ever and I wake up and I actually enjoy my day and im not moping around and tired all day. Im like happy all the time now and Cannabis is amazing and I hope that one day the government will federally legalize it.

  18. Real Stories are really so much awesome……..I don't know why youtube has limited their organic reach…….there are way too less views on these documentaries than there should be……people need to stop watching crap and start consuming this !

  19. I live in Sacramento California and my older brother told me about Dennis The Godfather of leading the fight for people like me who suffers from Lupus. My doctor prescribed me medicines like narco, oxy and Vicodin. Less than 2 years later I was addicted to those medications! I literally was able to kick my addiction to those medications and have a better quality of life due to medical weed.. I don’t touch pills PERIOD! Medical marijuana definitely helps way more than pain pills.

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