This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Indoor grow guide on increasing yields and achieving bigger buds with leaf stripping and lollippopping techniques.


  1. Another week, another video. Appreciate everyones support greatly. Questions are encouraged. Enjoy your week.


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  2. Should have trimmed em sooner too. Like 2 weeks before flower and a week or 2 In. I strip about 3 or 4 times before flower. And a ph of 6.8 bro. That’s so high. You should be at 6.1 the whole time.

  3. Noticed when you topped your plant you took only the very top off, whereas I've seen multiple videos and methods where they take the first level of leaves off. Do you have any thoughts on why they do that or what the pro's/cons are to each

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  5. Hey bro new sub and loving the channel! First off what strain is your dog haha? I’m using a sf2000 wondering how far you ended up lowering it and if you did use 100% power on the dimmer?

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