Grow Talk 723 Part 1 Neem Oil In Canada, How Cannabis Absorbs Light, & Dj Shorts Blueberry

The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like How To Find Neem Oil In Canada, Why Its So …


  1. pyrethrin in neurological. it affects the nervous system making the insect unable to preform basic tasks like breathing or moving. if you use strong pyrethrin on a large grashoopper you will notice the grasshopper twitching alot, it may or may not die from pyrethrin. Most insecticides are nicotine based because insect are highly susceptable to nicotine and attacks on the nervous system. cheers tyty !

  2. Thereโ€™s a pretty interesting video from a couple years ago that Jorge Cervantes did with one of the guys from the OSGA- Oregon Sungrown Growers Association. It talks about some great Biologicals for IPM:

    I think that healthy living soil with a strong microbial population is the foundation of successful pest management.

  3. 602 pectrum king, DE killer MY ASS!!!! 3 a light gets 3.5lbs+ each light with 1000w hps. CAN YOU SHOW ME A 602 yielding even 3lbs per light? I doubt it! DE KILLER is a massive lie! I would love for you to show some proof…. I asked spec king for proof and they refused to reply.
    IF you want to prove that your King then you have to actually challenge the throne, not just talk about it! Set up a perfect DE hps envierment and set a camera so we can see the temp humidity and co2 24/7 during the entire grow. Hide nothing! Dont want any cheeting now. ๐Ÿ™‚ once the video is done run it high speed from begining to end over about 20 minutes so that we can pause it and challenge anything false or shady. Only slow down to show details. Also since Spectrum king 602 lights are sooooo expensive in comparison to a 1000w gavita DE, add a 315 CMH hood with a 4200 phillips bulb to the DE package for veg, its only fair…. This will cost about 500-750 total for both or about half or less then half the cost of the 602. If your a commercial grower huge discounts on bulk, so even less. Then run the cmh 315 during veg for the DE gavita and bloom under DE only. Run your 602 veg threw bloom. While doing this only use synthetic nutes so that we can see the ppm and ph for each and you must only work on camera so that every detail is included. NO editing! Ok now the key to proving spectrum QUEEN lights are king or NOT is take two clones as close to the same size as possible and grow huge christmas tree's. NO PLANT TRAINING! If you do this grow, I doubt you will though, but if you do you will beable to prove penatration, yield and much much more, that will convence people to buy this product or not. But its not going to be as huge of savings as you might think running the 602, with if im correct around 640 watts at the wall. this is because only 315 watts will be used on the DE side for veg so less then half the watts of the 602 for 18+ hours a day. If you do 8 week veg 8 week bloom electricity costs would be negligable in comparison, but the yields will not be. O yeah and do a room with a black dog LED to show why they only grow with scrog… No penatration! Im a fan of what LED's can be but I have yet to see results that are pure and not manipulated. Most LED companies dont grow trees… Can spectrum king? This is the post I gave to spectrum king and then they shut down the ability to post on their videos. The truth is they are afraid of pro level hps growers AKA 3 A LIGHT! Also coming from the commercial cannabis side of things 2.5+lbs per single end 1000w hps with bat wing reflectors can be EASY, all you need is complete environmental control and a little skill, all for less then the cost of a 602!
    THE TRUTH ABOUT DE HPS YIELDS ARE: Zero grams per watt to over 3.5lbs per light and thats all on the grower.
    DGC can you offer any proof towards spectrum queen being a DE KILLER or are you just spewing the same bull shit they spew?

  4. For my pals prescribing cbd isolate just know its known to have interaction problems with cytochrome p450 and like I've said many times real research shows how ineffective cbd without the other compounds are

  5. Great show guys! Love all of the valuable information and look forward to each episode. Canโ€™t wait to kick it with yโ€™all and the crew again! Cheers brothers and sisters!

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