(Intended for the 18 & over) The easiest way to grow from seed to harvest using coco. I call it “SuperCoco”. Just add water! 5×5 Grow Summary …


  1. Matt Could you do an off-topic video about how you do time lapse photography, also where do you get Square One seeds from? Or is it a “Who you know” type thing?

  2. Excuse me, my low English, I'm speaking to you from Spain, what light cycle do you use? from beginning to end? how many watts per m2. How many days from germination do you usually take to cut your plants? Are they autoflowering? or cuttings? most common experiences an average, and what average production per plant do you have with seed vs autoflowering vs cutting? Do you recommend sog or scrog, or leave them natural and prune what they ask of me? sorry i'm new and newbie

  3. Question from someone who doesn't grow just curious but I know every seed is a different pheno of the same strain with slight differences common and major differences rare that you have to hunt for but I guess

    Let's say chemdawg right is the result of someone crossing og and sour and it's been seeded out to people and people have gone massive pheno hunts coming up with all types of different types of chem HOWEVER what if someone at home crossed og kush and some sour again could you still call that chemdawg? Or would the result just be completely different and not resemble chemdawg at all kinda like a roll the dice thing and all the phenos from this new chem?

    Obviously the different phenos from the og and sour that someone today crossed to make a new chemdawg would be different from the ones that originally created but I guess what I'm saying is

    Let's say two people in two different houses at the time with the same phenos of og and sour made those two fuck, could you call the crossed strain the same thing?

  4. your the man!! new grower here and I've been watching a TON OF VIDEOS grows nutrs training etc etc, and YOU are by far the best at explaining and showing thing while keeping it very interesting!!! keep on doin ur thing Mr. C 💪💪 and thanks for helpin!!!

  5. I just wanna say you make my day brighter. I enjoy watching you do something you love and that makes me happy. Thank you dude for being you and being awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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