Growing 2400 Cannabis Plants at a Large Scale Grow-Part 1: Hustle & Grow-C4Farm

On this episode of Hustle & Grow Episode #4, we go out to C4 Farm in Rochester, WA outside of Olympia, WA to watch them plant, and interview them about …


  1. I aim pretty sure at the company I work for (which is a medical marijuana company in CT), the margins on concentrates are great, and even better than flower. We do supercritical CO2, live rosin bubble hash pressing, and ethanol extraction, we don't currently have a BHO setup although I believe that is in the works. Either way I know the margins on these products are just as good if not better than flower.

  2. 2019 grow season I had plans to flower early by bringing plants inside to flower,after like 2 weeks of being in flowering was gonna stick outside when the weather is greatest.but the weather has been soo bad 2020,I decided to keep plants indoor.its 8-18-20 and I am forcing flowering on my outdoor. I had plants go until December last yr.and everything he said happened to my later plants.cloudy ,rainy equal no sun.i got small budz.i got a answer tho the way things are going I am gonna have to get a light to use for 7,8 hours until sun comes around. And if sun doesn't come around I can run light longer.but I can do this cause I am covered and rely on light coming in from a side angle so basically shade until sun comes around. Then I get 3 hrs of sun if not cloudy.

  3. Baylee – I just checked my Youtube favorites and this one came up today.  Wow!  I am going to sit down at lunch and watch it all shortly, much like last year's 20+ minute video.  What day was this filmed or was it 2019?  Thanks, again, for making this video.

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