Growing 4 Micro-Cannabis plants with TempleGrower

GrowYourOwn #Cannabis #MicroGrow #4Plants Hey guys! So I often get questions regarding these little ‘micro’ grows I like doing so I figured I’d make a bit of a …


  1. So say in the advent that my cannabis swords become far too lengthy? Am I still able to snip the top of them, or would I need to bend them over? This is my only concern with the 12/12 cycle regimen. Thank you for you time, and thank you for inspiring me to try this.

  2. I take it you done no training with them you just let nature take its course,as I'm a newbie to all this and iv got 4 purple express autos growing at the moment in a small tent,but I'm not sure about all the training,I'm just wanting one big bud on each plant,is that the way to do it,just keep feeding them & see what happens yes,any help would be appreciated thanks👍👌👌👍

  3. what type of seeds should i get to grow in a confined space auto flower ,feminized, ?i am confused! and what light should i pick what lux?etc etc all these little things mess my head up.

  4. Because they don’t show sex until least 3 weeks, all 12/12 does in those beginning weeks is slower growth. so you might aswell 18/6 for 30 days and top the plant with larger pots and triple yeild per plant u got there

  5. Cool plants! I know what you’re saying. I wanted plants like this when I first start growing. But now I have a 3×3 tent with my fourth plants. Check out my videos 🌱👍🏼🇨🇦 Got some BC Kush, Afghan Kush, Headband & Louis XIII OG

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