Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-21-20

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-21-20 —————————————————————————– Official Website & Store: …


  1. your video's are not what they used to be. its getting too commercial boeeeee! It was good and personal now damn music on the background i miss the old times

  2. Hi Jade I would really love to get one of your tents but I was also wondering if there was any way that you could or if there was maybe a little bit of a discount that I could probably get so I can grab one of those new tents of yours. Well as always my friend everything looks great and I love how you're always taking the time to show, explain, or just help us new grower's out. hell I'd even be willing to take one of your old tents just so you could get one of the new ones as long as there's nothing wrong with it.

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