Growing Cannabis from Seeds | Documentary On How to Grow Marijuana at Home | Increased Yield

Growing marijuana from seed is a great way to get your garden going without risking bringing in pests or diseases. It is also a great way to get quality genetics …


  1. Im trying a new method not sure if it will work yet plus im a noob when it comes to growing plants like this, but i used the water in cup method with drinking water from the store, i waited till they sunk 1 out of the 4 seeds has sprouted the other 3 havent, i took two cleanexes and placed my seed roots apart from each other about an inch making a square with them i put a little water on the placed seeds so they couldnt move and then placed the doubled cleanex back into the cup and have them just lightly above the water enough to wet the cleanex but not drown the seeds and i placed another cleanex over them so its also lightly wet but able to get heat and sunlight to hold the cleanex in place i used a ponytail holder i didnt have any rubber bands. Ive heard of hydroponics but dont know much about it so im tinkering with the method i described to see what happens not sure if i should add top soil or not. The point with using doubled cleanex or paper towel is 1 to prevent them from drowning and not becoming water logged, 2 they can get oxygen and sunlight, and 3 hopefully the roots will find their way through the cleanex to the water below making them rooted through the cleanex till they get bigger then i dont know what ill do like i said im tinkering and trying a method to see if it will work. Id like to know if anyone has tried something similar or if my method will work, please leave a reply to this comment thank you.

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