Growing Cannabis in 5 Gallon Buckets

Growing cannabis in colder climates is a challenge but it is possible‼️ So happy that I grow my plants in 5 gallon buckets for many reasons❣️ Nutrients I used …


  1. Find yourself a buddy who can weld up a shelf on a cheap dolly, at your preferred height, to move and set your girls. Pay him with weed. Save your back.

  2. Awesome work 👍
    All the plants are looking great ,my gorrila glue 4 will also be the last one I take. Weather has been horrible in Ontario the last week or so. The past 3 days been ok 👌 more rain tonight and Thursday bummer 👎

  3. Great looking plants! You didn't need to provide any trellis/support for them being that big? How much training did you do on them? They look fairly "natural" in shape? Thanks for sharing!

  4. My god dude how I love your grows. They are so amazing bro. Could you please review my small outdoor grow and leave a comment. I actually have 20 Bruce banner seeds and 3 Acapulco Gold seeds for a grow coming up in late October. My outdoor grow right now is only two plants but they're planted in the ground

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