Growing Cannabis in Different Microclimates

Arjan Roskam Green House Seed Company, Green House Coffeeshops and Strain Hunters talks to Kyle Kushman, Creator, Vegamatrix about growing …


  1. fuck this guy for saying on camera "lets create an internet forum and give these seeds out for free, there are more than we can go through in our lifetime" and they haven't released a single landrace from the strain hunters series. RIP Franco but they did not deliver on their promise, which was recorded with audio and video lol. Scumbag just wants to get rich, doesn't care about the cannabis community.

  2. 100,000 plants with one master breeder… doesn't work. Loads of hired labour. Everything done by unskilled laborers at $0.50 c an hour. So plant 57, 390 is the keeper… who decides that? Does Arjun walk in 5 min eyeball of the greenhouse point out the one plant and flys back to EU? Right…

  3. Good to see Arjan putting back something into the congo, but when are you going to sell some of those landrace seeds to us? especially punto roco from columbia? Hands down best painkilling strain i ever had.

  4. I hope if he’s employing local congeles that he is paying them fairly not just a little more or the equivalent to what the local wages/salaries are which will be fuck all he has made a lot of Mula over the years hopefully he’s making a change in the Congolese natives life’s not just growing vegetables for them not hating but you know what I mean

  5. They bumped into one of my students in Jamaica. He told them the strain came from seeds from me in the '80s. Westmorland Jamaica. I am back growing med, in St. Croix US Virgin Islands, at 18 degrees and now 90% humidity most afternoons!! Looking for seeds that work here with a large greenhouse.

  6. Can't believe. The interviewer. Nearly. Said. U and your partner. But read his papers then realised. The. Great franko had past away Should of done his research

  7. Low balling son a bitch’s bitch, should’ve been you that died from malaria and not Franco. You love money more than weed, Franco loves weed and the people that benefit from it. Just like that time you Fucken low ball a village in Congo for $50 to steal their cannabis seeds. You’re a disgrace, your business is modern life Neo and Cpt James Cook type of shit. The real king of buds is Franco alone

  8. Let's be Real Arjan is a Leech who goes into 3rd world countries and exploits their land race genetics sells them for millions of dollars and gives them pennies for their cannabis seeds. Why not give them what you charge growers for seeds.

  9. I hope he will make the good study on cannabis…the one that everybody wait for!!! Solid scientific proof of all the healing abilities of the plant! Everybody should have access to this plants

  10. Good to see a thoughtfull guy apply himself to the cutting edge of Canna growing and Medicinal Breakthroughs utilizing Genuine People who have a genuine intrigue for medicinal properties…I think having that genuine strain seedbank is where all the Frankenstiens of cannibis can be created…lol….but no…I would build a Fort Knox around those seeds..A remarkable collection and a lot of hard work and a few hairy times and maybe a little History there …ha ha ha….Please pop a video now and then they are interesting …Well …I guess…You cant strain hunt forever Peace

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