In this video, I document growing cannabis indoors – the flowering stage. This is the third episode of a four episode grow series / beginner grow guide.


  1. EPISODE 3 of 4! This episode covers the flowering stage and the final episode will cover harvest/dry/trim/cure. Cheers!

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  2. When u said u just give them plain water for the last 10 days. How many times did u water then in those 10days? Im trying to figure out how this flushing towards the end works. Cause if I wait 2wks to harvest of flushing I would o ly get about 2 watering in. Plz help lol

  3. where do you get your shirts from? The one you have on in this video is cool and you have another one that says something to the fact of stoned and successful. I would definitely love to get those! I am looking into growing for my own consumption and I plan on using your videos to assist me. Thanks for the info!

  4. Hey I have a question., Ive ripped several fan leaves from moving my plants or from them touching the sticky fly paper.. will this hinder growth and should I keep them on or just trim them completely off.?

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