In this video, I document growing cannabis indoors – the vegetation stage. This is the second episode of a four episode grow series / beginner grow guide.


  1. EPISODE 2 of 4! Since the plants are just going into the flowering stage, it will be about 8-10 weeks before episode 3 is released. Until then, I will of course post other grow videos – so stay tuned!
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  2. So I’ve been watering my plant and my ph meter just came in. I’ve been watering my plant with 8.4 they are 3 weeks old and 5 weeks old. Do you think they are ruined. Should I start over. The young ones look ok the older one looks stunt.

  3. For the first couple waterings i like to put the seedling pots in a tray and puor the water into the try. Making a pasive wick affect . my theory is that water coming from the bottom will make the small root system head straight down. But if you top water a small amount the roots will "get confused". What do you think?

  4. Hi this is smart grower here uve just recently helped me with a p.h. problem in coco coir im happy to say ive fixed it. BUT ive always wanted to ask u what would be a very inexspensive veg and flower light for about 12 plants cause honestly ive got a family to provide for and money is always tight but im passionate about my garden and only want the best results for them wats better l.e.d. or shop flourecents or wat ? Anything will help thanks p.s. you videos are very inspiring to me just thought u should know i only take notes from your garden ways thanks alot

  5. hey great video! thanks!
    so should i not add nutrients until about day 35 or so? and can i just skip germinating and put the seeds right in the soil? thx!
    one more question- i have a 3×3 tent, so are 5 gallon buckets too big for that?

  6. Whats up mr grow it? Im getting alot of good knolage from ur vidz. Keep them coming i also grow indoors too so learning alot from u bro n ur ladies look NICE! Just thought i show so love from new mexico, Albuquerque. Stay up buddy!

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