Growing Cannabis Outdoor Week 17: Budding/Flowering Underway.

Welcome back to week #17 of our outdoor grow. It is the beginning of September and the plants have all transitioned into flower nicely. Fish Bone Meal and …


  1. Nice work homie!! Just stumbled across you while browsing the toobe!!
    I'm in Australia and have a few girls in,, i hear what yr saying about the ash,,, fires have been brutal and fairly close to my area,, plants dusted with lite ash,, also the whole Aus summer heat/sun intensity drove me to build a greenhouse from this white super thin shade cloth,, lets the light through but cuts a bit of harshness,,, seems to be doing wonders as they're booming!!
    Subbed brother!!

  2. I have been doing mine in large fabric pots but on platforms elevated off the ground and building small 2×4 roofs that i cover with clear visqueen once the rainy season comes. Keeps the soil from over saturation and the plastic lets plenty of light through to finish the flowering stage as well as keeping the plants dry. Looks like you are doing good. Just giving my oregon rain tips

  3. I've notice plants in shade more throughout the day compared to plants in direct sun finish fast and have crappier buds. I always go by direct sun hours. Even though a plant is shaded if its daytime out it's still awake

  4. Hey buddy, been watching your videos for a while, I have a couple plants myself like im sure a lot of people do who watch your videos, and my problem is trying to get it out of the veg stage, theyre just growing without flowering, how can I force that outdoors? I don't have anything to cover them with, sunrise here is about 6 am and sunset around 9 pm, im in Toronto Ontario

  5. Nice looking plants man. What province or state are you in. I'm wondering because mine are in Toronto but look a little farther along but I didn't seed them until June so I thought I wasn't going to make it but the weather this september here has been better than awesome better than the summer. Whats your weather been like this year?

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