Growing Cannabis Outdoors 🌱 Harvest Time ✂️

Nutrients I used to grow these plant outdoors ✋ ❤️☮️🤚: – Weeks 1-8 of flowering Optimum Hydroponix® – 2-Part Liquid Nutrient Concentrate – Weeks 2-4 add …


  1. Ok, you are a great grower indeed. Who would even try to give you advice? That said, let’s talk bud rot. I had hail drive leaf matter deep into buds and that turned a run of autos to bud rot. I have seen bugs and even a leaf dropped from a tree trigger bud rot too. One trick I do is to pull buds apart once or twice as they flower. Each 45 degree stem bend in a bud has a corresponding bud-let jetting from it that all make up a bud, right? I pull those away from the stem, away from the center of the bud, to relieve pressure. These bud parts grow into the bottom of the next part, causing a pressure point. These will rot. They will spring out as you pull them away from the stem, also allowing sir to get at the center of the buds too. This has helped me to get way less bud rot.

  2. I think all these people that suggest a pot that big haven’t actually grown outdoors in pots themselves. I’ve currently got my first grow underway, been doing a lot of research to learn what’s best… anyways I’ve seen vids that recommended 50L (13/14gal) for outdoor grow. How tf are you meant to move that weight? It’s not practical at all. My plants are medium size and I’m using 27L (7gal) pots and they get pretty heavy to move when wet, and I’m fairly fit and I’m thinking 7gal is probably a bit excessive for a suburban grow. Obviously you know what your doing, as they say don’t change what works. Great vids man!

  3. Great plants dude I' uk and got 2 left outdoors deffo helps in pots u can move about to follow the sun and bring indoors when needs cold is setting in for sure here in uk my plants are all normally done by now

  4. Hey bro, you have to do what you have to do. Everyone has different conditions. They need to just be thankful that the laws are changing. Been smoking for 50 years, never thought we would ever see legal weed. Doing good man, like your videos

  5. hey man your plants look so fucking amazing this yeah i had 20 plants and i almost the most from budrot it really sucks en yo can you say wich strains you use and from wich website it would be very nice keep on growing one love from belgium❤️🥦🥦

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