18+ GROWING CANNABIS OUTDOORS AND OFF THE GRID #16 This is it! The Series Grand Finale of Gowing Cannabis Outdoors And Off The Grid. It’s day …


  1. Thanks for watching hope you all enjoyed the series. More smoke reports coming up next week. Sticky Beast Auto smoke report is already uploaded. Have a great weekend and see you all next Saturday.

  2. You make me really REALLY excited for my babies, they're just about to grow their second set of leaves and oh my am I stoked! First time grower here C:

  3. Great series dude, thanks for uploading. Gas hearing an Irish voice on these videos. I've just started my first grow in the Aussie sunshine, so fingers crossed. These vids will come in handy.

  4. my friend i would love to see more videos from you,,,, you good sir are most definitely a top shelf grower… im from australia and would love to grow plants like that here.. cant wait to see whats coming in the future.

  5. You're an inspiration dude! My last 2 cycles of plants have been bloody horrible since i'm just starting off 😂, one day i want mamas like that!!

    Cannae wait to see the harvest video if you make one brother 👊 💨 🌱

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