Growing Cannabis Sideways

Giving this here Tip Pot another go. Always looking for ways to make things easier in the garden and I believe this is a good way to do it. Whatcha think? Tip Pot …


  1. This is happening to some of my lower hidden Kolas due to a reflector wrap I use to redirect light more efficiently where light is contained better of confining space. At first I was wondering why but doing the physics of light it made sense. Helps a lot so I dont have to trim off too much water leave stems for some of them still continue to grow bud sites along stem near the base stock, even little hook stems..If you cut off too many, the width of thickness of Kolas will be less…

  2. I hope you and yours are safe and well? I love your channel, always high quality, both content and videos! I’m using the same principal, but for fruit shrubs outside. So much of your content also applies to non-marijuana horticulture too. Being in the UK limits my options, but great advice always and I really appreciate all the effort and want to say thank you! (Right, back to Borderlands 3 farming) Again, thank you so much, stay safe!

  3. My Jamaican buddy in St Thomas showed me a different version of this which I have used and doubled my production. I like your technique and I might give it a try. Nice work

  4. dude your information is sooo helpful.your presentation leaves nothing to be desired and i freakin dig your JAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you don't need any of this, you can keep your geopot up and slowly bend the plant under a scrog net. I have used that method for years to maximize the surface used in a room instead of sliding trays. Keeping your pot straight and accessible is important for maintenance, irrigation and such. By putting your plant in a new soil, new pot, and also bending it for training you bringing more stress than just bending / tipping the plant.

  6. thats easy to make if you like building this go to your tractor supply or some farm store and you can get everything you need to make it not that hard so dont buy build it yourself

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