This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video is all about organic dry amentments nutrients. I show top dress and transplanting techniques as well as …


  1. Hi Canuck.. I see that you use the Gaia 4-4-4 and the 2-8-4. What is the other Gaia product you have in small zip lock baggy. Looks to be 6-15-1 or 0-15-1. what is this used for? Is it for last feeding in flower stage? Thx

  2. Great grow you have there. If you ever used liquid nutrients, can you explain the differences compared to the dry top dressing. Deficiencies, weight harvested etc that you have experienced?

  3. Beautiful man 👌, wish I could get that GAGI green here in the US 😢 I use sohum living soil. Would love to try that out. I can find it on Amazon but for 70-80 dollars 😬. Great looking girls man

  4. hey i have a question that somehow i can't find the awnser anywhere.
    do you think a home air exchanger would work for a small grow tent, replacing the traditionnal fan and DU, it was installed when i bought my home, but we never use it, so was wondering if it could work

  5. Hey matt I been watching your videos for a while now and I've been inspired to start growing organic I was wondering given I've started with some Organic Roots super soil I'm growing mostly Northern Lights mostly I also have some Mo B & blue dream they're all pretty small still I'm just curious as to how the process works with topping with dry amendments also what would be a good brand to buy measurements Exedra anything else I might need to know also should I use like a worm casting tea weekly as other videos I've watched suggest and is there a prepackaged worm casting tea that I could mix up if it is something necessary also keep in mind I'm looking for the biggest yield and healthiest organic plants I can make grow

  6. Idk if I'm extewnelt high and I missed blatant information but on the gaia greens container recommends a seed of 2 table spoons per gallon of soil but only once a month is that a strict guid or can top dress and be more lenient in other words do I have to wait another month to top dress again

  7. Love you channel man Iam learning so much Iam feeling confident just the ph thing lol you touched on it in this video can you go into more details and your ph balancing that would be cool man best of luck with your channel your killing it👆🤙

  8. Matt! Your videos and explanation and details on all subjects are too notch my man! I am starting ALL of your methods this week now that my Gaia Green is in. Pretty pumped!

  9. Question dude!! Is it okay to transplant autos if I’m careful?? Or do you recommend just throwing seeds in final pots? My reason for wanting to start in smaller pot is because I need to transplant to a hidden outdoor location and can’t do so with a bunch of 2 gallon pots ? Thanks

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